Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Education


We all know that education pays dividends. But the trappings of education – the overpriced college tuition, the crowded classrooms, and the poor results – are often more than people can handle. And anyone who wants to learn more often finds themselves at a disadvantage because they lack a formal high school or college degree. The department of education reaches its goals by handing out grants and scholarships to people who otherwise could not afford it. But the education department, like most others, is often more of a burden than a benefit.

Courses are either too broad, too narrow, or just plain bland. They’re always boring and there’s generally no one really interesting that teaches them. It’s like going to school with your grandmother. If you are looking for something to read, you can pick up scholarly articles online free of charge and they are even better in format than those textbooks the textbooks teachers assign.

If you want to learn more, you will have the most success by getting the real stuff – hard-to-find books and lectures – right from their source. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to attend a university, you can do it for free or just a little money on a computer. And there is no one who lectures better than the best professors in academia. You need not travel anywhere or sit through boring classes with students who don’t seem to care about learning anything.

How To Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Education :


1. Invest In Videos

For instance, you can watch lectures by Professor W. Edwards Deming and other great professors online and you will not have to pay a penny for them. Some of the best educators in the world just want to help people, and the best way for that to happen is through their teaching efforts.

2. Go To The Source

How many college professors can say that? Most like to think that their lectures are enough, but they could not be more wrong. Anyone who has ever actually tried to learn anything knows that the research behind it – the books and the facts – are so much more important than the classroom learning. Books are where you will find all of those omitted details.

3. Read And Research

You will never find a collection of information broader or clearer than on the internet, and using that information is what really produces results in students. Video courses rarely provide all of the details you will need to know, but internet sources do not leave off anything important either. And there are many other internet sources besides lectures. If you want to know something, you can find out about it.

4. Sign Up For Special Classes

Get a PhD in a subject and then hire someone to teach online for free! Not only is that possible, but it most certainly does happen. You can always find professors who will work for free because they love what they are doing – even if it is just for fun. There are also teachers who have retired from traditional teaching, but still enjoy sharing their knowledge with people online on the side (or maybe full-time).

5. Join A Free Site And Teach

Similar to the previous idea, this is a way for you to share your knowledge with others. Not only that, but you will make new friends who want to learn just like you do. Teaching other people is the best way anyone can learn something new themselves. It’s a great experience and you will make some friends online in the process.

6. Sign Up For A Mentoring Program

This isn’t just for kids anymore, although it started out that way. There are adults who are under-achieving because they never fulfilled their potential in school and now they’re stuck with lousy jobs and few opportunities for advancement. If they could go back in time and remove some of the fears they had, they’d be more effective at their jobs and maybe even gain skills that could help them advance in their careers.

7. Learn Something New Each Day

Or each week or each month, if you prefer. There are people out there who have mastered a subject and are willing to teach it for free even though they don’t really need the money. You can sign up for an email newsletter that gives you a new lesson every day and that way you can start off slow if you want to, or as fast as you like. You can learn from home or wherever else is convenient for your schedule.


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