E-Commerce Site Optimization for Novice Sites


This blog post is for E-Commerce site owners who are new to the game. Ecommerce sites have a tricky balance between user experience, design, and function that must be maintained in order to stay competitive. In this blog post The Hit-Men Site will help you navigate some of these important decisions with tips on how to get started with E-commerce site optimization for novice sites.

E-Commerce site optimization

It is the process of improving the performance, reliability, page speed and search engine rankings for an ecommerce website. This is a very broad topic so we will focus on it from two perspectives: novice sites and more advanced sites.

First let’s look at some challenges that face new or novice site owners face in terms of optimizing their e-commerce websites. Then we can discuss how to overcome these problems through design, development and content practices.


Plan ahead

The most common mistake made by novices when they launch their online store is not planning ahead with regard to hosting services. Many people buy cheap hosting services and use shared servers, but these often do not provide adequate resources to handle traffic for your ecommerce site. Ecommerce sites require a lot of bandwidth because they need to serve up images as well as web content quickly and reliably to customers all over the world.

Set up websites on WordPress

The next mistake that novice online store owners make is setting up their websites on WordPress or other blogging platforms with themes that were designed more for blogs than E-Commerce stores. While this may be fine if you want to set up an informational website about your business, it will cause any Ecommerce Site Optimization efforts aimed at making sales conversions suffer greatly! E-Commerce websites need special templates like those available from Magento Open Source , Shopify eCommerce Systems and other

E-Commerce systems

There are a number of ways to overcome these problems and set your E-Commerce site up for success from the beginning. Ecommerce sites need a strong foundation in order to succeed, so here is our list of things that you should do when starting an online store:

High quality hosting services

Install high quality hosting services on servers dedicated exclusively to your ecommerce website this means no shared hosts with other websites! This will provide adequate bandwidth as well as CPU power for E-Commerce customers who may be streaming video or audio content while they shop which can cause large amounts of traffic on most cheap hosting plans. Use WordPress but make sure it’s not plugged into any themes .

Once again, using WordPress by itself without Ecommerce themes will make E-Commerce site optimization difficult, but it’s a great way to get started. Install Ecommerce specific templates that are designed for Ecommerce sites on your WordPress website! This means going with Magento , Shopify or other similar E-Commerce systems at the onset in order to set up an online store quickly and easily without having to worry about designing from scratch every time you want a new product page added.

Quality hosting is key

Choose your ecommerce platform before launching so you can start off right the first time around! By planning ahead and setting yourself up for success from day one, novice E Commerce Site Owners can avoid most of these challenges altogether while optimizing their websites more effectively than ever before.

Create Ecommerce pages that are E-Commerce specific!

This means avoiding WordPress themes for Ecommerce stores if you want to achieve the best E-Commerce site optimization, go with a platform designed specifically for your ecommerce needs whether this is Magento Open Source , Shopify or any other E Commerce system of your choosing. You can always switch over later on once you’ve become more experienced in managing an online store successfully without having to worry about ever losing traffic due to poor hosting services, substandard Ecommerce templates and so forth.

Make ECommerce Landing Pages Efficient!

By setting up your Ecommerce store correctly from day one with high quality hosting services on a server dedicated exclusively to your ecommerce site as well as choosing an E Commerce platform that is designed for E-Commerce stores such as Magento Open Source , Shopify or any other system of choice, novice online entrepreneurs can avoid most of these issues altogether while optimizing their sites more than ever before.

Efficient Landing Pages

Plan ahead when creating landing pages – it’s important not be caught off guard by these issues before they come up as we’ve discussed above. Plan out how you will create great content along with Ecommerce specific pages if you want to optimize your website effectively, and it will pay off in the long run. Make sure that all of your webpages are efficient no matter what platform or template they belong to! This means making certain that each page is designed properly which includes choosing high quality hosting services that are E-Commerce specific along with Ecommerce templates that will help your website perform well.



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