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I’ve been told that I make a lot of noise when I’m typing this, but that’s kind of funny because I think you might be thinking that I’m talking to you. I’m not. I’m talking to you on the phone.

Oh, now that is funny.

I would assume that it’s because I’m typing a lot of nonsense, and that Im probably talking to you when Im typing nonsense. The truth is that I have been typing a lot of nonsense for a while now, and that is kind of funny. I don’t know why, but I feel like Im talking to you, even when I’m typing nonsense. I just feel like I’m being loud.

You might be right, but that doesnt make this whole thing any less funny. It just makes it funnier, because that is the way I type, and Im not saying that its funny. Im just saying that I am typing to you. I dont know why. Im just being dramatic.


Its funny when I see this because it is the internet, and Im being really dramatic, but, no, Im not being dramatic. In fact, I am being serious. I dont know why Im being dramatic, but Im sure that Im being serious.

If the internet is where you are typing, you might just be typing for the internet. But if you just want to be funny, try typing for a friend. Then you can laugh at yourself.

Its not just about this being the internet. Its about the internet being where you are typing.

The Internet is a big place, and if you are a person who lives in an apartment, you are probably getting on the internet just for the sake of getting on it. All those people who are going to be on the internet, are all going to be on the internet, because they have to, and because they want to.

The internet is a big place in that it’s really easy to get on. There are thousands of users just like you, and millions of sites which you can visit. When you’re on the internet you’re not doing anything else, you’re just typing. But if you want to be funny, you can type for a friend. And if you want to be funny, you can also laugh at yourself.

We’re all here on the internet because we want to be. If that makes any sense.


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