Common Causes of Blocked Drains You Need to Watch Out For


Clogged plumbing pipes are a common household problem regardless if it carries water or waste. When such a problem occurs, it is either a partial or complete obstruction that needs the attention of professionals. Experiencing blocked drains is not just annoying, but it can be a symptom of a more serious problem, leading to more expense. 

When obstructions occur in your pipelines, water tends to redirect itself, causing reactions that often include water backups, slow drainage, low pressure, or flooding. Although this is often a minor headache to most homeowners, getting the same problem repeatedly is a sign of a complex issue. 

Your home’s water and sewer drainage have a similar configuration to trees and their branches. The mainline is usually the pipe with a bigger diameter where smaller drains and subline pipes connect.

Usually, the smaller subline pipes are where the problem starts, which is more common in the toilet. Your toilet may start acting up because of clogs, and it can become the source of a disruption in the whole system. 


Blockages and debris buildup can lodge within parts of the system, particularly in trap holes and pipe bends. When this happens, you see water backing up, or water slowly drains from its source. 

Common Causes of a Blocked Drain System

There are several common reasons for getting blocked drains. These factors are either naturally induced or caused by the homeowners themselves. Knowing the common causes of a blocked drain system will help you consciously avoid them. 

However, when the problem is aggravated, you need to get a good plumbing team to quickly restore your drains. Here are the most common causes of a blocked drainage system:

  • Tree root
  • Wipes, tissues, and female hygiene products
  • Fat, grease, and oil
  • Hair
  • Food

Most issues with blocked drain pipes have to do with how homeowners use the system. Generally, people who are negligent about their health will ultimately worsen the problem. But when it does, you need to get a professional plumber who will not only help restore your pipes but educate you on their proper use. 

The Human and Natural Factors in Drain Problems

Clogged and blocked drains often start as a minor issue that quickly escalates into a major problem. The majority of the factors for having issues with your drains are human activity, which accounts for almost every problem with the system. 

But aside from that, nature also has a way of affecting your pipes, whether it is located inside or outside your home. For example, drain pipes are blocked by heavy storms that trap dirt and debris on the outside of water paths. Having such a problem often leads to flooding outside the house. 

Pipe damages can also happen because of several reasons. Undiagnosed problems lead to more complications, and a blocked drain can lead to its collapse. Improper installations also play a critical role in the overall health of your drainage system. Poor installation by an inexperienced plumber can lead to serious and costly damage to your property. 

Human or nature-induced issues lead to drain problems that can have a pervasive effect on your home. To avoid getting such problems, having your drains checked and maintained prevents such issues from happening.


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