Data and Security: 12 Things to Avoid Creating for Safer Sites

You’re an experienced web developer. You know how to create fast loading, secure websites that function optimally despite the inevitable hacks and exploits out there. And you know the best way to stay safe is to create your own custom code solutions so hacking attempts don’t work in the first place. But do you need all of this knowledge?

The answer is yes, but not because there isn’t plenty of free information on how-to avoid writing custom code that makes your websites vulnerable. Rather, you need the knowledge to make wise decisions about what to do when you decide to write custom code for your website. Otherwise, you may create the very types of code that could hurt your website if it gets hacked.

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But why would anyone write custom code?

Fomoco News says, it’s important to point out, first off, that custom code isn’t inherently bad. Some developers (and designers!) love programming and can’t imagine doing anything else. The fact that they find it enjoyable is a good thing; otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. And there are times when writing custom web development code is actually necessary for getting a project done right.

However, it’s not just about the need for code. There are also issues of efficiency and cost. For instance, if you have a website that has minor technical problems here and there, custom code will almost always be more expensive to fix than other solutions. This is because you’ll have to hire a web developer to do it, rather than using an easy-to-install plugin or extension.

Here are some examples of issues that might prompt you to create custom code:

You need to develop a complicated interface for your site that can do something no existing plugin or extension can.

You need to create a complex form system that has advanced capabilities.

You’re setting up a site with lots of technical features. You want to use custom code where needed, but you also need to use outside plugins and extensions that don’t already have well-built code solutions for your website.

Your site is too old and out of date for any modern plugins and extensions to work right. This can be frustrating because you’ll have to use the same plugins and extensions, and in many cases they will not function well on older pages or sites. This situation is especially common for sites with large audiences, but it’s also true of many general-purpose sites.

Create a dynamic website

You want to create a dynamic website that has both custom and standard features. This is a common situation.

Your site is very technical and requires a large amount of custom code to run well. Or, you’re using enough custom code that it can’t be easily managed by an automated testing tool.

You’re not starting from scratch; you have an existing site with some customized code already in place, either as part of the original site development or as an expansion.

Now you’re probably wondering what to do if you discover that you need custom code on your website. The first step is to determine whether there are standard features that can be used already on the Internet. For example, if you need a complex interface, look at existing extensions and plugins for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, or similar content management systems.

Creating a customized solution

For example, it may be possible to create a similarly complex interface using pre-built standards for your CMS. This approach is usually more cost-effective than creating a customized solution from scratch. The trade-off is that your interface will not be exactly the same as it would be with custom code, but may still do what you need.

If there are no suitable standard features available, you can proceed with custom code. But don’t use reckless abandon. There are several things to look for when creating custom code for your website.

Use a framework

1) Look for easy-to-use development frameworks before writing code from scratch. If you choose to write everything yourself, it’s usually more expensive and risky than using a framework like Django (Python), Rails (Ruby), or Laravel (PHP).

However, if you choose to use a framework, make sure you know how it works. Using the wrong framework can result in your website being slower or having too many bugs to work properly. And this isn’t just about the code; it includes things like permissions, security, and installation.

Well-tested code libraries

2) Use well-tested code libraries. It’s not just about getting an application built that runs well, but also making sure the code is secure and reliable for other staff members to use later on. Also, expect that other people have used other custom solutions that have caused them problems with your services or other sites they may be working on.

3) Build what you need on your own. It’s best to let people on the Internet know what you need and don’t expect it to be easy, but realize that even if you have a good idea for a feature, it might be hard to build it properly.

The answer is almost always “use one or the other.” You can save time by using an existing plugin or extension when one isn’t available for your site. But otherwise, design your website so that all of your custom code is treated similarly in terms of cost and efficiency.


7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Performance with Apache Cache

Apache Cache is a free and open-source caching proxy server that works behind the scenes to increase user experience by speeding up your website’s performance. It’s been around for just about a decade now, but what was once an obscure project has since been adopted by many webmasters and developers. That’s because it’s a very powerful tool that can increase the performance of just about any website.

How to Configure Apache Cache in Ubuntu - Ubiq BI

What does Apache Cache do?

In a nutshell, it stores frequently-used content in memory and on the hard drive. That way, it can serve that content much more quickly than if it had to retrieve it from its origin server or database storage for each and every request. You can think of Apache Cache as a “local copy” of your website — one that’s stored on your web server and improves performance by reducing database access and bandwidth usage (i.e., fewer HTTP requests).

Afrohi Storama says, Apache Cache is especially helpful for dynamic websites, which have a lot of scripts, databases, and other “moving parts.” Each script and database hit slows your overall performance down. The more scripts and databases you have, the slower it gets. Cache can help to alleviate this problem by caching scripts and static content so they don’t need to load over the network every time a page is requested.

How Apache Cache Works

There are two basic components to the Apache Cache system: The front-end (cache manager) and the back-end (cache engine). The cache manager is a user-interface with a few basic features that allow you to configure slow responses, purge content from the cache, and even manually flush the entire cache from your web browser.

The back-end cache engine is where all of the real work happens. It’s a daemon process that stores content received from the origin server and serves it back to your visitors.

It works by receiving a request from a visitor’s web browser, going through memcached first (if enabled), then checking its local storage area to see if it has a copy of the requested content. If not, it will then retrieve that content from disk or over HTTP and store a copy in its memory or on disk once again for future use. This process is all done transparently and will continue to repeat itself as long as the visitor’s browser is connected to your web server.

Apache Cache and Website Speed

It’s true that Apache Cache can make a website load faster — but more importantly, it can make a site more useful for your visitors as well. A cache can improve overall site performance because it reduces the network requests that users experience. It also reduces the amount of time it takes for those requests to be fulfilled, which is especially helpful if your site does any heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Because of its strong caching system, Apache Cache can work with any web server and works with any web application — not just on WordPress sites. But for this tutorial, our examples and screenshots will be demonstrating it within the context of a WordPress installation — mainly because we can easily use it to increase performance.

WordPress and Apache Cache

The real power of using cache with WordPress is that the content already exists in a format that’s compatible with Apache Cache. So when you add cache to your site, it doesn’t rewrite your pages or change the HTML. Instead, it just makes them load much faster because they’re being served from cache instead of requiring an HTTP request each time you access them.

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of dynamic content and want to avoid unnecessary database hits and slow loads. Even though the content is dynamically created, you can still use cache to serve it faster.

Custom post type

One example of this is using a custom post type called “videos” with Kaltura for video embedding. Using cache, you don’t have to constantly ask your WordPress database for each video’s ID and then feed it into another system to display the correct video each time a page is loaded. Instead, you can store all of your videos in memory so they only have to be retrieved from the originating Kaltura server at most once, if ever.

It’s also helpful if you have many WordPress sites on your server. You can configure Apache Cache to handle all of the databases, pages, template files, and plugins for each site. And since it can be set up on any type of WordPress installation, you can use it to boost the performance of an entire network of sites.

Apache Cache vs Memcached

Apache Cache is written in PHP5 and works with any web server running it. Memcache is a comparable service in PHP, but was written in C over ten years ago and is only supported by a handful of servers at this point in time. That being said, if your web host supports memcache-server , many popular servers include support for it. So you can use memcache if you’d like. But for the purpose of this article, we’ll stick with Apache Cache and compare it to memcache-server.

How to Set up Apache Cache

The first step in setting up cache is to install and enable the module on your Apache web server. This process varies depending on which server you’re using, but should be relatively simple (just don’t get scared by the long wordy installation instructions). If you’re already using other modules or addons provided by your provider, then it’s highly likely that they provide documentation detailing how to set up other addons.


What are the latest technologies in cameras for quality imaging

Technology is an ever-changing subject. From smartphones to other gadgets, every day the inventions are piling up. With popular brands like Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras the features are getting added each day to make it unique. 

Lately, the quality image delivered by DSLR cameras has been in great competition with the mobile brands trying to fit it all in the body. 

So, let’s see what are the possible updates extended by these companies to ensure better quality imaging. 

Mirrorless Camera

You will probably hear about this a lot. Even Sony cameras are equipped with this new mirrorless technology. If you wonder what mirrorless stands for, it is the additional lens added to the primary lens to produce a quicker photo. This used to help to get the image without adjusting the primary lens. 

However, for carrying weight more than a DSLR camera, it had gradually lost popularity. Although, it is solely not the body but also the lens that determines the weight of the camera. 

High-Quality Processors

Lately, Digic 8 has grown popular for being used in a lot of cameras. This processor has become unique because it holds the capability to convert light into electrical signals in a more effective way. Using its algorithm ensures that the photos and videos captured will have supreme quality. Even in low light conditions, this processor is capable of producing noise-free and grain-free images successfully. 

A lot of brands including Sony cameras have also settled or are about to settle to use this advanced technological processor in their models. 

Dual Pixel Technology 

Mostly observed in the DSLR camera models produced by Canon is the dual-pixel technology. It has received good reviews from the existing users. This is a unique mechanism added to produce vibrant images with a better shutter speed. In terms of colour, quality, sharpness, and accuracy, it is no wonder a powerful innovation by Canon. 

With vivid quality images produced by dual-pixel technology, there is still a lot to be compared to Sony cameras. Even for smartphones too, using the same has been widely preferred. 

No Light Photography

Already being used in a lot of mobiles, from low light, the cameras will soon evolve to produce superior quality photos without flash. Now you will click photos in places even when there is no light to capture. 

Better Auto Focus

The brands are working to push something better to offer the users every day. One of the features that change every often is autofocus. The ability of the camera to reduce the depth of field and produce a better highlight on the subject. The higher the range you can buy, the better autofocus you can expect.

However, brands like Sony, apart from Canon are trying to renovate their technology to fit the best at an affordable price. Initially, it might affect your budget, but it will be worth the buy. 

Stimulating Senses

Although it can be technically impossible to stimulate changes through photographs, you can still instill the vision in a way that triggers the other senses. Indeed it depends on the skills of the photographs. But technology is also responsible for bringing in the use of visual senses to apprehend others. 

Light Field Photo

Although this technology is used in a lot of cameras already, on a macro aspect, you will be able to use the recording that has been captured before to edit and change the area of focus required. 

This way, as technology offers, we have a whole long way to come across the inventions that will bring the virtual world even closer to us with the help of upcoming technologies.


From One Form To Another: Characteristics Of A Great Word To PDF Converter

Crafting essays, articles, and even work-related documents is not an easy job, but picking a perfect tool to convert files from Word to PDF format is another story. In making these documents, we may encounter tasks that require us to convert files from Word format to PDF, but as we all know, the technology and computers that we have can be hard to understand.

Today, there are numerous software and websites available, varying in complexity, design, usefulness, device compatibility, and a lot more. That is why we need to have a specific checklist on what characteristics a file converter should possess to complete our tasks without any hassle and complications. 


If you are the kind of user that wants to hit one bird with one stone, then the tool’s flexibility is the first thing you should consider. Many tools on the web offer multiple functions that are not only limited to converting formats from Word to PDF, but they also offer other services; GogoPDF is one great example; it can convert PPT, JPG, PNG files, and a lot more.

Flexible tools will help us complete our task not only in converting files from Word to PDF, but they will also do other things without going from one tool to another. This feature is an excellent way to save time because it will ensure that all your file managing tasks can be found in just one tool, which means less time looking for another tool and clicking on your device.


The user needs to look for a compatible tool with the device they are using in converting a file. There are many different devices and operating systems in the world today and not all the tools available on the web are compatible with all of these devices.

Remember that not having a compatible file converter is not good when converting files because it can cause lagging, and it may even crash in the middle of converting your precious files that can lead to file corruption.  

Although it is advantageous that there are many file converting tools on the web today, it also has disadvantages. Having so many of this type of tool can be confusing, so we tend to pick one that can cost so much money. But when you choose the wrong tool that is not compatible with your device, it will not just waste your money, but it can also ruin your day.


It is amazing how we went from having the most absurd technological tool to the most useful and most advanced ones. But despite the technological advancement that we are experiencing today, there are still so many disadvantages that we face when using them. One example is security threats while using computer devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

That is why it is paramount to find a converting tool that is effective in converting files and secured. Since we are dealing with documents when converting, these documents may contain important information that should be protected. To make sure that the tool you will use is safe, it is essential to have a background check.

User Friendly

People who use computer devices all the time make it seem so effortless to operate, but it is actually not; most especially the very advanced ones are very hard to work with. To find a user-friendly file converter is very important because not everyone has the knowledge to use them, and not all the time, we have people around us to teach us how to use these tools.

When using converters that are not user-friendly defeats our purpose of using technology in the first place, which is to make our tasks easy to accomplish, a user-friendly converter should have a website or application design that is easy to navigate and also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes so that it will not be intimidating to use.


With the coming of technology to our world, the hard-to-accomplish tasks before can be done quickly and without spending so much time with just one click of our finger on our computer devices. But no matter how helpful technology can be, it still has disadvantages. One of them is file conversion. 

Luckily there are thousands of available conversion tools to help us do this task. But it is essential to be mindful in picking the converter you are going to use because not all of them can do your job effectively without any problems. That is why it is important to always read reviews about the tool you are planning to use before using them.


Things You Need To Do When Using GogoPDF’s File Format Converter Tool

There are several file formats, and each format has different purposes. If you are presenting a certain report, you will need a Powerpoint format. Also, if you are consolidating a huge amount of data, you will be using Excel format. And if you are writing articles or research, you would need the Word document format.

However, these formats can be altered. If you wish to preserve your file’s format, you need to convert it into a PDF format. Using GogoPDF’s tool, you can do this task easily. Check these easy steps on how to convert files using GogoPDF: 

Why Use GogoPDF File Converter Tool?

There are several reasons why GogoPDF is one of the best online tools today. First, this tool comes with easy and manageable steps that anyone can surely do. You do not need to undergo complicated procedures when using GogoPDF as your tool in altering different file formats. 

Also, GogoPDF comes with several astonishing features that are useful. If you need to convert Word doc to PDF, you can easily perform it using its converter tool. Also, you can transform other formats into PDF, such as Excel, JPG, PNG, PPT, and many other file formats. GogoPDF is best at converting file formats. 

As mentioned above, GogoPDF comes with several tools. Also, these tools have easy-to-use features. All of these tools are free to use. You just need to search for their website and click the free-trial promo. Also, it is not just converting file formats into PDF. You can also convert your PDF file into different editable file formats such as Word, PPT, and many more. 

What To Prepare

The essential thing that you need to prepare is your file. You need to locate your file from your device.GogoPDF is truly an easy tool. Once you have your file ready, you can perform the next step. Also, you need a stable internet connection to start the process since GogoPDF is a web-based tool. The stronger the internet, the faster the process. 

Also, as much as possible, you should be aware of any power interruptions. The reason is obvious. Once your work is interrupted due to a power outage, you cannot save your work. Hence, you cannot continue with the process that you left off. If this thing happens to you, the only way to resolve it is by redoing your task. 

The First Step In Converting Your File 

As mentioned above, what you need to prepare is your file. Once you have your file ready, what you need to do is drop your file in GogoPDF’s system. If your file is already in GogoPDF’s tool, you need to worry about the other processes. All the procedures in converting your file with GogoPDF are quick and straightforward. 

The Second Step 

If you wish to convert Word to PDF format, you should check if you are using the right tool. GogoPDF has a lot of file format converter tools. If you use the Excel to PDF tool, then the process would be an error. So always remember to click on the right tool. In the second procedure, GogoPDF will analyze and convert your file into a PDF format. 

With these instructions, you are now fully aware of using GogoPDF’s tool and how easy it is to use. This tool does not consume too much of your time. Once you have your file ready, that is the sign that you are all set up. 

The Third Step 

In this part, all you need to do is relax and wait for your file to be finished. Usually, it takes a minute to convert your file into a PDF format. However, if you have a good internet connection, it will probably take less than a minute. With GogoPDF’s sophisticated technology, converting your file into a PDF format has been this fast. 

The Last Step

Once your file is ready, a link that shows your file will be visible. You need to press that link and start downloading your newly converted PDF file. Also, you can save it on your webmail accounts or save it via the Cloud System. GogoPDF supports the use of a Cloud System for your convenience. 


GogoPDF is indeed one of the easiest tools to use when converting file formats because of its easy-to-follow steps. With GogoPDF, certainly, it will not take much of your time when you convert your file. Try it now! Visit its website and enjoy the free-trial promo! 


The Star Wars Names You Probably Thought Were Real

In a galaxy far, far away, there are many strange names. Some of these names were probably created by George Lucas as he was developing the Star Wars universe. But some of them may be real!

There are many strange names in the Star Wars universe. Some of these were probably created by George Lucas as he was developing this particular world, but some may be real! Let’s explore a few of them:

The Force – The word “force” is used to describe how things happen (like gravity or magnetism). In other words, it means there is an invisible power that can affect matter and energy without being seen. Scientists also use the term “dark force.” It has no connection with Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine from the movies; they just happened to come up with a similar-sounding name for their version of dark side powers.

Darth Vader – Though his title suggests otherwise, Darth Vader was never actually a Jedi and he was never trained in the ways of The Force. He also didn’t get his Sith name until after betraying Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker – which is why it has always been hard to figure out how old Darth Vader really is.

Jedi Knight – A person who studies and trains in the way of The Force can become a Jedi knight if they pass certain tests laid out by their master teacher. It takes years before these students are allowed to use weapons or lightsabers, but some take longer than others because they’re not as strong with mind control skills (or “the force”) early on in life.

Alderaanian Senate Building – This building would be one of many that existed all throughout the planet of Alderaan. Though it’s not clear if this senate house is an example, most likely senators from each region would meet in their own respective home to vote on issues that affect them and their people

Inquisitorius – The Inquisitrius was a branch of Imperial Intelligence tasked with seeking out individuals who were a threat to Emperor Palpatine and his New Order. To do so, they employed various tactics including torture which we see used by Darth Vader against Luke Skywalker during the events of A New Hope.

Rebel Alliance – This group consisted mostly of tech minded warriors such as bounty hunters and smugglers because they’re able to skirt around areas where more formal troops are frowned upon so long as they don ‘t have to fire a shot.

Cantina – This is an establishment where different species can meet up and drink together, such as the bar at Mos Eisley in A New Hope that Obi-Wan Kenobi goes into after he arrives on Tatooine.

Togruta – Togrutas are smart creatures who live in the mountains of Myrkr and they’re able to use their sensitive hearing for navigation during night time when it’s easier to navigate without having one’s eyesight impaired from atmospheric conditions like fog or clouds. They also speak with low pitched voices so others must listen closely if they need assistance understanding what was said by them.

Funny Star Wars Names:

Russia Sohxtani
Slump? No, Just Biden My Time
Make Amaro Great Again
Stephen Yancey Pelosi
(going deep into the minors for that one!)
Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Law and Odor
Bud Black Lives Matter or Blackmon Lives Matter
Sweet ‘n Mauer Sauce
Gin Andrus
Lindor Truffles
Mark Reynolds Wrap
Bryce Krispies
San Diego Rotisserie Chickens
Soup or Salas?
The Olive Garland
Coo Coo for Coco Crisp
Porcello with Mushrooms
Latos Intolerant
Honey Nut Ichiros
Doumit Holes
Ellsbury Dough Boy
Hot Pocket Corner
Holmberger Helper
Baseball Movie Inspired
Let Them Play
The Lollygaggers
Losing is a Disease
Killing Me Smalls
Oiling and Lotioning
Jobu Needs a Refill
Candlesticks are Nice
Angels in the Troutfield
Fielder of Dreams
Rockford Peaches
Chicos Bail Bonds
“Star Wars” Themed
Brett MandoLorin
This Is The Way
Didi Grogu-rious
Taijuan Skywalker
ChooWei Yin Chen
The Miggychlorians
Han Sulowitzki
Obi-Wan Jacoby
Darth Votto
Choo’s REY’es Parents?
The Dark Sizemore
The Phantom Yoenis
Xander’s X-Wings
Kylo Renteria
Kylo Chen
Light Sabermetrics
Stroman Troopers
The Kempire Strikes Back
Other Movie and TV References
Miggy Mouse Club
Bichette’s Creek
Kirby Your Enthusiasm
Gone With The Lind
Citizen Cain
Braching Brad
Lawrence of Sanabia
Thayer Will Be Blood
Desmonds Are Forever
Laird of the Rings
The Braun Supremacy
Morales In Wonderland
Hank, Peggy, And Aaron Hill
Dirk Ziegler
The Balking Dead
Crockett & Stubbs
A Streetcar Named Cuddyer
Springfield Isotopes
The Trevor Ending Story
Mookie Monster
No soup for Yu!
Lavarnway & Shirley
We Need More Cowgill!
Kemp Crystal Lake
Chooch & Chong
Zack & Miri Make a Morneau
Quantum of Solano
Zach Dukes Of Hazzard
The Bourn Supremacy
Kinsler’s List
Syndergaardians of the Galaxy
The Wrath of Braun
Team DumbleOdor
Joe Buck Yourself
Once Upon a Time in HollyWoodruff
Inglorious Bastardos
License to Cahill
No Country for Olt Men
Kershawshank Redemption
The Musial Suspects
The Full Almonte
Scum and Villainy
Survivors of Alderaan
Corellian Smugglers
Brady Yoda
Kashyyyk Gesundheits
The Seattle Ewoks
The Clowney Wars
Livin’ La Vida Yoda
Wookie Mistake
The Rogues
Nerf Herders
The Rancors
Imperial Walker Texas Ranger
Tattooine Artists
Admiral Dakbar
All About That Base, No Rebels
Ready Set Hutts
Ashes of Uncle Ben
Red 5 Standing By-ers
Wentz Antillies
Death Star Contractors
Porkins Piglets
T.I.E. Food Fighters
Lambeau Calrissian
Captain Picard
Imperial Walker, Texas Ranger
R2 Units
The Camtom Menace
Force Lightning
Force and Goal
Mando’s (or mandalorians)
Sand Village People
The Empire Strikes Mack
Mos Def Eisley
Let Qui-Gons, Be Qui-Gons
Kyler Ren
Rogue Juan
Boring Conversationalists
Survivors of Alderaan.
The Darkwa Side
The Forte awAikens
Hoth Wampas
Yavin Yaks
Baltimore Reyvans
Ackbar Admirals
A Newton Hope
The Phantom Trivia
Chocolate Chip Wookies
Chewie’s Coin Purse
Tatooine Jawas
The Tuscan Raiders
Rebel Scum
The Seattle Ewoks
Han Quartet
The Force Skins
Red 5’s Standing By
Rebel Scum
May Deshaun Be With You
Droid Rage
Scum and Villainy
A New Trivia
Oakland (Tusken) Raiders
Endor Ewoks
T.I.E. Chi Fighters
JuJu Binks Schuster
Baltimore Revans
It’s A Trap!
Han Took Shots First
Porkins Piglets
Linc Skywalker
The Pink Banthas
Seagulls, Stop It Now
I Can’t Feel My Mace When I’m Windu
Sa-Quon Ginn
Ashes of Uncle Ben
JJ Binks
Bar Bar Binks
Serial MasterVader
Star Wars: The Nick ReChubblic
The Dewback Anytimes
Obi-Wan Kamara
Amendola’s Queens
Kaeptain Phasma
Let the Wookie Win
The Death Stars
The Royal Guards
Kashyyyk Wookies
Clone Warriors.
Tauntaun Penalties
Best Star Wars Team Names
Attack of the Julio Jones
Fett’s Vette’s
Porkins Piglets
Garoppolo Shot First
Trivia of the Clones
Alderaanian Han Jobs
Millennium Falcons
Sith Happens
The Ewoking Dead
Pantha Fodder
Coruscant Emperors
Kashyyyk Walking
Bantha Boners
Ewok This Way
Stay on Target
Darth Gallman
The First Order
Scruffy Nerf Herders
The Ben Hoth-lessburgers
Wookie Draft Picks
Baltimore Revans
Looking for Love in Alderaan Places
Ana-Quan Skywalker
Winnenium Falcons
The 12 Parsecs
May the Forsett Be With You
Monsters of the Mandalore
Fran Moth Tarkenton
Red Han Solo Cups
Jar Jar is the Key
Han Shot First
Huttball Champs
Let the FAAB be with you
Overweight Grease Globs
Death Starz
Quon Solo
Knights of Ren
Jabba the Hunt
Dez Star
Luke’s Left Hands
The Force Is Strong with This Pun
The Mido Clitorians
T.Y.-Wing Squadron
Astro Droids
Revenge of the Smith
Biggs Lives
Jedi Knights Who Say Ni
The Dagobah Pound
Asteroid Field Mynoks
Inglorious Blasters
The Mahomian Falcon
Tusken Raiderettes
Death Star Contractors
Kessel Spice Miners
Laser Brains
The Toy Yodas
Jedi Mind Fitz
Darth Urderers
The 12 Parsecs
Antilles Wedges
Levine Toil Solo
Star (Powder) Puffs
Star Wars Team Names Ideas
Darth Maulhomes
Obi Wanna Blowmi
We’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This
Cam Solo
Obi Saquan Kenobi
Rebel Scum
Wookiee of the Year
Mindless Philosophers
Millennial Falconers
Oakland Vaders
The Nerds
Mandalor Armorers
Boba Feta Cheese
Boba Feta Cheese
Naboo Birds
FNs Up
The Trivia Falcon
Mike Sims-Skywalker
Down Goes Solo
Beggar’s Canyon Womp Rats
Diggs Darklighter
Sith Happens
Trivia the Hutt
Delanie Skywalker
Wampa Stompas
Sith Happens
LaMandalorian Jackson
Han Romo
Dagobah Swamp Monsters
Rogue Squadron
The First Order
Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders
Cheesewedge Antilles
Wookie of the Year
The MilLeVeonFalcon
Twi’lek Twits
Flea-Bitten Furballs
Kessel Runners
Rebel Scum
Sarlaac Pits
Aluminum Falcon
Space Cowboys
Jawa Breakers
Jak-Son Jinn
Protocol Droids
Sith Happens
The 501st
Mon Calamari Snack-bars
Order 66 Was An Inside Job
Dab Fortuna
Cloud City Crew
Imperial Right Guards
Nerf Herders
Aluminum Falcon
Generation X-Wings
Lamar Calrissian
Hoth Wampas
Qui-Gon Jinn and Juice
Wookiee of the Year
Mos Eisley Scum/Villainy
12th Mandalorian
Gamorrean Guards
Any Given Parsec
Bespin Clouds
Mos Eisley Cantina Crew
Captain Kirk Cousins
Hans Off My Solo
I Love Han Jobs
Tusken Raiders
Dark Lords of the Sack
May the Forte be With You
Mahom Solo
Oakland Vaders
OBJ-Wan Kenobi
R2-D2 Dat?
Juke Skywalkers
Lambeau Calrissian
Revenge of the Trivia


Protect Your PDF Files By Adding Password With PDFBear

PDFBear is an online platform that supports all major Operating Systems, such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux. This online platform helps you to manage all your PDF files in one go. So, there’s no need for you to visit other online sites or download any software for you to get your work done since everything that your PDF formatted documents needs are here.

There are various tools available in PDFBear, such as conversion tool, merging tool, splitting tool, and so on. You could also add watermarks, number pages, and e-signature. Using these tools could make your work efficient and fast. All the while, you can protect your PDF files from unauthorized access by locking your documents with a password. Here, you will learn how to add passwords to your PDF files.

Locking Your PDF

Adding a password to your PDF files could protect your documents from unwanted, unauthorized access from others. This will help your files to be more secured and safe from being manipulated or copied. Whenever you have password protect PDF files, all your important documents will be inaccessible to other people.

Adding passwords to your PDF files is quick and easy. With PDFBear, you only have to follow these simple steps. The first is to upload your file to PDFBear by selecting or dragging the file. PDFBear will then ask you to give a password; they recommend having a minimum of nine characters, including alphanumeric characters, with a mixed-use of capital letters and signs.

After you have given a password to your PDF files, it will be available for download and now safe from unauthorized access.

Adding Watermarks

Another way to protect your PDF files is by adding watermarks. Watermarks are faded images or texts that are added to the background of your documents. By adding watermarks to your PDF files, it could hardly be copied by others, giving your documents more integrity. 

Adding watermarks to your PDF files with PDFBear is straightforward. All you have to do is upload your file into their system. Then you are given options of either text or image to add to your document. You may also add your own personal watermark. PDFBear will let you edit your watermarks from font style, size, and color. Once everything is ready, your new PDF file will be available for download.

Adding E-signature

To make your documents look formal and personal, you may add your personal electronic signature. When you add an e-signature to your documents, you can avoid the scanning-printing-signing-scanning kind of work. It also proves that the documents you share are yours and could not be copied out by others.

To add an e-signature to your PDF documents. The first is to upload your file into their system, then PDFBear will ask you to add your e-signature. Once you have added your e-signature, the PDF file will be available for download, and you can directly send the documents through email.

PDFBear Other Tools

There numerous tools that you can use for your PDF files. There is a conversion tool where you could turn your documents into a PDF vice versa. There is also a merging tool for you to combine your PDFs into one or the splitting tool where you could separate PDF files into two individual documents. And also a tool where you could add page numbers to your PDF.

You could as well minimize the file size of your PDFs with the compression tool, and you can repair an inoperative PDF file with the Repairing tool. There’s a wide range of tools that you can fully utilize for free anytime while assuring the best quality available for download.

PDFBear Pro Membership

You could subscribe to PDFBear’s Pro Membership, where you could have unlimited access to their tools, unlimited conversion tasks, and simultaneous tasks—all while having unlimited storage space for your files and having a faster upload speed. You could also have priority in technical and customer support.


May it be for work, school, or personal use, PDFBear is always available to protect your PDFs. So you do not have to worry about your PDF getting stolen, copied, or manipulated. You can use this for free anytime and on any device, you can open this on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Given you a stable internet, all you have to do is select the files that you want to secure, and PDFBear will do its job for you—making your work hassle-free, efficient, and smart.


PDFBear: Top Website To Process All Your PDF Problems

PDFBear has been helping people with their PDF needs for generations now, and there is no doubt that they have already received tons of backlash regarding their website since the day they started. That is why all the developers of PDFBear made sure to address all those feedbacks, which made this website the best of the best right now.

Just a short getting to know, PDFBear has tons of tools that you can take advantage of when you have different kinds of problems with your PDF files. PDFBear has you covered. But there is a specific problem that many people have been experiencing. And that is to convert their Microsoft Excel sheets into a PDF file. That’s why this piece will focus on that.

Converting Your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Into A PDF File In Just A Few Minutes

One of the main reasons why PDFBear has been considered one of the best when converting Microsoft Excel to PDF is because they have a feature that allows their system to process it within a few minutes. You heard it right. It would take the program two to three minutes to finish it all. That would save you a lot of time.

Things Needed Before You Can Proceed In Converting All Your Documents

The first step you need to do is have all your files ready before going to their page not to waste any time while doing the process. And the next thing you need to ensure is to have a stable internet connection because the speed of their tools would all go to waste if you do not obtain a stable internet connection. This is the most important one.

Steps To Follow So That You Can Make Your Converting Process Easier And Quicker

If you are worried that you would need to make a lot of effort just to convert your files, then that’s where you’re wrong. That is because you would only need to follow four uncomplicated steps. Once you got the hang of it, doing this would be as effortless as possible. All you need to do is familiarize all the steps then you would be good to go.

The First Step Is Always The One That Needs Effort

Yes, you heard it right. This is where you will need to exert the most effort because you will need to upload all the documents that need to be converted into the website. There are times when people are having a bit of trouble doing it; if you also have a hard time, there is no need to worry because there is a much simpler way to do that one.

Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble uploading because you are not the only one who has this problem. Luckily, there is another way to do so, and that way would be to drag and drop all the things that need to be converted on the blank space provided by the website. You can see that space the moment you click on a specific tool that you need.

The Second And Third Steps

There is a reason why these steps are considered as one. That is because these are the most manageable steps that you would need to do. The second step would be for you to choose and click the options available. There would be tons of options that you can choose from so that you could choose the one that would do the job and finish your tasks.

And the third step would be to click on “Convert.” Once you have already connected that, all you need to do is wait for the system to convert your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into a PDF file, and after the process has been done, you will be notified immediately. This will only take a few minutes, so you better be ready to proceed with the next step.

The Fourth And Final Step

This could be the most satisfying step because this is where you will see all your finished documents because once the system has finished processing and you have been notified, you can now download all those files into your device, and you would be good to go.


Well, there you have it. Four of the easiest ways to do so that you would be able to convert your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into a PDF file. If you had a great time with PDFBear, don’t forget to share this experience with your friends so that they would be assisted as well.


PDFBear Guide: How To Effectively Remove An Encrypted Password In Your Portable Document Format or PDF

Suppose you are handling online documents daily. You might already have encountered the need to remove an encrypted password in your Portable Document Format or PDF. However, modifying your PDF file might be a burden because of the features embedded in a PDF file, making it difficult to change.

A PDF file is built to have one of the most reliable and trustworthy document formats to secure the most critical information inside your document. It also has a distinct feature that allows your document to be displayed the same way you want it even if you open it on different platforms, devices, and browsers.

Having said all of that, we are led into an assumption that a PDF file is one of the most challenging document formats to modify. However, in today’s generation, you can simply change a PDF file and remove its encrypted password with ease. All you need to have is an online converter tool to help you modify your PDF file.

Online Converter Tool To Use For Your Online Documents

You will need to use an online converter tool to remove an encrypted password in your PDF file. PDFBear is one of the most recommended online tools by many individuals that you should try using for modifying your online document. You can also be benefiting from using other online tools from their platform.

They are famous for the online tools that allow the user to convert their document into a PDF file and convert from PDF file to another document format. However, as you browse through their website, you can also use various online tools like eSign PDF, Add Watermark, Number Pages, Share Document, PDF Reader, Unlock PDF, Protect PDF, and more.

Having all of the online tools you might need for your PDF file located in a single platform is an excellent advantage for you to do all your activities. From now on, you don’t need to visit multiple platforms to modify your PDF file for the better. Try to spend your time reading through their platform, and you might learn new things about getting your PDF file better.

Things You Should Have Before Modifying Your PDF File

When you are modifying your PDF file with PDFBear, you will need various things to have in your possession or accessible. The first thing you should have is a decent connection to the internet. You will need a good and reliable internet connection to avoid your document’s events getting corrupted or damaged.

Your document can get damaged or corrupted when it is interrupted while you are uploading or downloading your document into/from their system. It would be best if you also kept in mind that you will need to have a great connection to have a quicker upload and download speed. This can also be vital in the rate of processing your document from their platform.

The next thing you should have is your own choice of device. You can choose any device you want to use as long as it can connect to the internet and store your PDF file in its storage space. If you have a decent internet speed, preferred device, and the PDF file itself, you are good to go for a conversion journey with PDFBear.

How To Use The Online Tool Unlock PDF From PDFBear

The first thing you should do is have a quick visit to the webpage of PDFBear. As soon as you enter into their website, various online tools will be displayed on their homepage to choose the online tool you will need. All of the online tools are appropriately arranged to quickly find the online tool that you will need for your online document.

Click on the online tool you want to use, and you will be transferred to a new page. On this new page that you are assigned, you can follow the step-by-step instruction given to you to use the online tool that you have clicked. Here is an example of the instruction from their platform on removing encrypted passwords in your PDF file.

  • Choose the file that you want to modify.
  • Enter the password you want to put.
  • Click “Unlock PDF.”
  • Please wait for your newly decrypted PDF file and download it into your storage. 


Removing an encrypted password in your PDF file can lead to significant benefits, which is in line with the convenience of accessing multiple numbers of PDF files. You can save your time and effort going through every PDF file.


How to Choose the Best Local Computer Repair Services

Your computer will likely need repairs at some point in time. When it happens, if you don’t have the skillset to do your job, then you will need individuals who are eligible to complete the work for you. There are several computer repair companies available in your country; however, there is an advantage to finding a repair centre near you, type in “Computer Repairs Near Me” on Google to find some in your area.

Many computer-based computer users and organizations require direct access to PC repair services locally. Although there are some advantages to making your computer repaired through local services, you need to consider certain aspects of choosing the best local computer repair services.

Determine Your Repair Budget

If you have a budget, then maybe the main factor must concentrate on costs. It’s important to choose the repair service that you can buy. But if you can find out the problem with the machine, it is recommended to calculate the cost of repairs so that you are not excessive. Like all negotiations, continue knowing how many maximum limits are so you know when to go if the price is too high. In this way, you can call several stores with confidence, and one might offer a discount when they feel ready to proceed to the next.

Search Online

If you do a quick search on Google like “Computer Repairs Near Me”, don’t forget to include your state and city. However, you can choose to browse sites or even visit web pages that include all services available in your city. Be sure to check it out thoroughly and then decide for the best based on reviews and service efficiency. Tip: Check the reviews by googling their telephone number. If they don’t have a history, you might want to switch to repair technicians who have a solid online reputation.

Contact the Computer Repair Service Professional

Some people offer repair services on Craigslist, which may be almost unfamiliar with Mac repairs or PC repairs. These people may only operate from their apartment or parents’ homes; How do you know you can trust them?

It is best to choose someone who is efficient in the task and can come to your place for repair work. If you are in the office, then there may be fewer worries for safety when recruiting on Craigslist. If you are at home, you can choose to bring a computer to your office, where they can take it. Remember that Craigslist technicians always need a background check; Request references, and call them. Search their telephone number, name, and make sure they are someone you can trust; If you are in doubt, move to a workshop with a strong reputation for your safety.

Consult Acquaintances for Recommendations

Ask your friends and acquaintances for advice that might probably be useful for your research. This might be the best way to find trustworthy and competent technicians. 

How to Pay for The Services

As a customer, make sure to ask about personal laptop services and his expertise before hiring for repair services. In this context, never pay beforehand, especially if you take your PC to the service centre or technician near your neighbourhood. If you take your PC or Mac to be repaired, get as much information about stores and their records as those who have gained their expertise. If the store has a website, try looking into testimonials and even rankings online.

Finding a computer repair service provider right in your environment can be a sufficient task. Because your computer is a machine, repairs may require a week if the portion must be ordered. By following these steps to collect as much information as possible about consulting services in your area, you can get reliable expertise whenever in need. Researching online on-site reviews and local lists can help you gather deep knowledge about computer repair services like you are near you.