CafeMedia- The Exclusive Network for the World’s Best Independent Publishers

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The exclusive network for the best independent publishers of ebooks and self-publishing, CaféMedia is a prestigious platform where authors can share their work with publishing experts and readers alike. 


If you have an independent publisher and want to start selling your books, this is the platform to sell them on. Not only that, but CafeMedia also offers a variety of different services for authors as well. This includes valuable advice on how to sell more books, which converts into more reviews and social media exposure.



Do you know that an elite cafemedia lifestyle publisher offers an opportunity for independent publishers to share their work in exchange for a small fee.


The CaféMedia network is dedicated to helping writers sell and promote more books, and they take a unique approach to this. For the publisher and author, they offer a platform that raises their profile and draws potential readers into the world of work that they publish. They also offer author services such as editing, book formatting, distribution and marketing.


For readers of self-published novels, CaféMedia is a great way to find new writers they may have missed out on. With the online bookstore being updated daily with new works from new authors, it’s a great place for reading enthusiasts to discover something new.


Here some points are discussed-


1. Ebooks

The best way to sell ebooks is by having a great book cover design and a professional looking website. The book cover can also be changed at any time, which will help you to keep your readers interested in trying out your work. Some tips include using fonts and pictures that will catch the attention of potential buyers.


Also it is helpful-

(a) I try to create an atmosphere of intrigue for my readers so that they’ll want to pop into my blog every day and find out more about me and my books

(b) I try to let my readers see the person behind the books

(c) I try to create a world where one could easily visualize themselves as part of the story.



It is a great way to market your book. I participate in giveaways and sign up for the Goodreads’ Readers’ Groups so that I can reach out to more readers who are interested in reading my books. 


I also like to leave comments on other authors’ page, blogs, and social media accounts as well. You can even use it as a platform to promote your own blog, by having people over there follow you on Goodreads so that they can find out more about you, your blog or website(s).


3. Twitter

Not many authors like to use Twitter and find it difficult to market their books. However, if you are a new author, Twitter can be a great way to promote your book. You can also see what people are saying about your book and post messages on the wall or ask questions on your twitter account so that you have more followers and reach out to more readers.


4. Facebook pages

Using Facebook is not necessary but marketers and publishers say that it is a great way of marketing your books. You can share or promote post on facebook every day by using the share button in order to increase your numbers of fans or followers who come across your posts. Everyone will be able to find out about your books and your Facebook page is a good place for readers to connect with you.


5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely popular social media platform that could help you increase the number of people who will come across your posts, sign up for newsletters and even buy more books. You can share articles that relate to your book, you can use the messaging feature in facebook so that people can contact you directly if they want to purchase your book or even ask questions related to it.


6. Twitter polls

A great way to market your books is by asking people to respond with a yes or no question. You can do this in the form of a poll on your Twitter account. It will direct potential readers’ attention towards your books and give you the opportunity to talk about it. You can take advantage of this tool to engage with readers so that you can keep them interested in reading your book and give them a reason to buy it.


7. Badges

Badges don’t cost you anything to get started, however it is a great way to start promoting your books. For example, if you publish an e-book, instead of having just one badge, you can have a bunch of badges that are relevant to your book. The number of people who will come across them will be greater than the number of people who would’ve come across just one badge alone.



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