Buying Guide for Tactical Gear in Australia

Tactical Gear

Australia is known for its rich biodiversity and unique wildlife. 80% of the local flora and fauna are unique to Australia. Many species, from mammals like dingoes and kangaroos to fish and coral species, can only be found here. 

Rabbits run rampant in Australia, and they are hunted across the continent because they are highly invasive. When hunting, you need to equip yourself with appropriate tactical gear. Any type of tactical gear australia has is highly functional, not just for hunting but also for camping. You can also use them for many outdoor activities. 

What is Tactical Gear?

Knowing the many uses of tactical gear australia has is one thing; knowing what is considered tactical gear is another. It is essential to inform yourself about the components of tactical gear and how it came about to respect its many uses. 


Tactical gear used to be reserved for military use. However, times have since changed, and it is now available for civilians to use if they can afford it. Though there are some who incorporate elements of tactical gear in fashion, the nature of the clothing was designed to serve more specific and practical functions.

There are different kinds of tactical clothing, depending on use. For example, tactical clothing for hunters in Australia is distinct from the tactical clothing that Australian police officers might use. 

Pieces of equipment like binoculars and night vision goggles are also considered tactical gear. Both of which are incredibly useful in hunting and camping, but also in many military exercises. Tactical backpacks are also useful for outdoor activities as they can hold a good amount of travel essentials.

In short, what makes an item tactical gear is if it can serve you in emergency and survival situations. They can make a world of difference when it is you versus the dangerous environment. 

Guide to Tactical Gear

  • Clothing 

Combat shirts and pants are also considered tactical clothing. Body armour and or bulletproof vests also fall under this umbrella of tactical clothing. Vests are used to protect against knife attacks or gunshots, while the others offer little purpose over keeping the wearer warm.

  • Equipment 

As mentioned above, binoculars and night vision goggles are considered tactical equipment. Backpacks and pouches are also under this category and are often specially-designed to better withstand rough weather. 

  • Boots  

Tactical boots may be lightweight, but they should also be heavy-duty, meaning you can move in them freely while adapting to any terrain. It’s perfect for the needs of hunters and hikers. 

  • Weapons

Weapons do not necessarily equate to violence. Pepper spray, tasers, and stun guns are weapons that are not essentially for offence but may be considered tactical weapons. They are used for self-defence and not to incite fights. 

Take note that it is a different story when you are hunting. In Australia, you have to be well-informed of the different rules and regulations because there are many restrictions on which animals are legal to track and which time of the year you are allowed to hunt them. Hunters can pursue feral animals at any time, but certain species can only be hunted during the open season. 

Owning tactical gear like weaponry can carry heavy responsibility because of its potential to injure and take lives. Apart from that, tactical gear is helpful for many adventurous souls or protection in your day-to-day lives.


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