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I have been traveling and speaking all over the country as a business consultant. The last time I was in Dallas, I was the keynote speaker of a conference as part of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

Because I went all over the world, I’m always looking for opportunities to meet with the folks at the top of the ladder in the field I’m interested in. While I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great people, like Tony, my own list of business contacts is growing to include some of the most amazing entrepreneurs. The best way I know to go about doing business is to try to find an opportunity that is available. That’s how I met my partner, Mike.

One of the best ways to do business, is to simply make it happen. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm from Dallas, especially in the business community. I met with the top executives from local companies such as First Solar, Envision Dallas, and the Dallas Chamber of Commerce last year, and it was an incredible experience. We got to know some incredible people, network, and I even made some life-altering business connections that changed my life forever.

That’s right, Mike and I are going to Dallas this year for the biggest business conference of the year. Over the next three days I’ll be interviewing some of the top executives from companies such as Walmart, DFS, and American Airlines. The goal is to come up with some tips on how to grow your business and create a thriving business community, and also to meet some of the newest and brightest minds in the Dallas area.


While the conference is being held in Dallas, it’s not going to be in a big tent like previous ones we’ve been to. We’re going to be in a building specifically for the purpose of interviews and business seminars. It’s a beautiful building, one that’s been completely renovated and is basically a beautiful, cozy business center complete with a couple of restaurants, offices, and a few other spaces available to rent.

I was able to get some of the members of the Dallas/Ft.Worth/Dallas community to come out and speak with us. I asked a few of the questions I had about the company and their vision, and I got a few great answers. I also got some great questions about the business from people who had never heard of the company before. In the future, perhaps I can find a way to get these people to speak with the public at shows.

I actually had a great conversation with a couple of folks about our corporate culture: How do we define cool? How do we define a “good place to work?” How do we define a “bad place to work?” We’re always looking to improve our team, so we have a lot of conversations about the things that we do that we think are cool.

I don’t think it’s as much of a challenge as people think. The definition of cool is a lot more subjective than we think. I think cool tends to be a social category and is largely influenced by culture. One of the things I find really interesting about working for a company that’s based in NYC is that we’ve managed to make a lot of cool things happen by being focused on the right things. I think that’s really key.

This is why the company I worked for back in the day, the NYC based one, we had a great bunch of people that just had a great focus on all the different kinds of cool things they were doing. I would say in my job as an entrepreneur I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to learn about a lot of new things that are cool.


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