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Almost every year I read about something new in news that is completely unrelated to what has already happened. But this time it’s a side story about my Black Hills fox hunting. Let me introduce you to the world of black hills fox hunting, or “hunting” as I call it. On May 22, I was sitting with my two dogs and a hunting buddy as we waited for the light to change. As the night turned colder, there was an unseasonably warm breeze blowing through our home and the hairs on my neck were standing at attention waiting for the lift of the full moon. The hunt would begin that night, and we’d be getting ready for the hunt when suddenly there was a loud noise from across our yard.

The latest installment on why being black is entirely okay, and how you should look white. This new piece covers health issues related to black people, highlighting issues such as mental health problems and discrimination across the country. You’ll be laughing your ass off, but in the end it means that we are less likely to have horrible things happen to us in our lives than others.



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