Best Irish Whiskeys to Have in 2022


Irish whiskey is a drinkable whiskey that may be enjoyed by amateurs and experts alike, without the nerdiness that accompanies Bourbon, the geographical knowledge required for Scotch Whisky, or the cost of other whiskeys. However, despite the common misconception that Irish whiskey is a milder spirit with fewer of the distinctive flavors of smokey or vanilla wood, there is a wide range of Irish whiskeys available to try. A premium Single malt whisky or bourbon may be savored in its purest form.

In the United States, more examples are being added to the category every year. Your liquor store’s Irish whiskey section used to be limited to a few big brands, but now it’s likely to be crowded with bottles with different age claims and barrel finishings. The tried-and-true classics will always have a place at the bar.

Due to its affordability and elegance, the Knappogue Castle 12-Year Single Malt is our top suggestion. The following is a ranking of the top Irish whiskeys available right now.

Knappogue Castle 12 Year Single Malt

A copper pot still is used to make Knappogue Castle’s first whiskey, which is then aged in oak barrels of the same kind for 12 years. A rich flavor profile of apple pie and cinnamon toast can be found in this whiskey, which is smooth and easy to sip.


During the hot summer months, sipping this neat, on the rocks, or in a long cocktail is a refreshing way to enjoy its mild fruitiness and spice. This bottle may be enjoyed on a regular basis in a tumbler or on a special occasion in a whiskey tasting glass and consumed straight because of its reasonable price point.

The Sexton Irish Whiskey

The Sexton’s geometric, black-and-gold bottle is easy to detect. After being triple distilled in copper pot stills, this Irish whiskey is aged in ex-Oloroso sherry casks for a honeyed finish. Roasted pear aromas fill the nose and carry through to the palate. You may drink it neat or on the rocks, but it still has its unique sharpness.

The Sexton is one of the rare Irish whiskeys manufactured by female master distillers. You may also experiment with drinks like hot toddy and a simple whiskey and sodas with a long twist of lemon since the bottle is cheaply priced.

Slane Irish Whiskey

There were multiple distilleries in the Boyne River Valley, but only Slane has resurrected the practice. Three types of barrels were used to age this Irish whiskey: virgin oak, seasoned whiskey, and Oloroso sherry casks, all of which came from Slane Castle’s gardens. Caramel, cocoa, and dried fruit flavors abound in this rich and flavorful concoction. The Slane Castle’s rich history, delicate flavor, and pedigreed musical links may all be sampled in one inexpensive bottle. 

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

Teeling was the first whiskey distillery to build in Dublin in 125 years when it launched in 2015. After ageing in ex-bourbon barrels, this whiskey is ideal for those who like a sweeter spirit over a fiery one since it spent time in ex-rum barrels. The scent is dominated by sweet spices & caramelized sugar, while the flavor is dominated by vanilla and raisin flavors. This Single Malt Irish Whisky, which retails for about $40, is a terrific bargain. With or without dark chocolate, an Irish Coffee is the perfect post-dinner indulgence.

West Cork 8-Year Single Malt

Scottish single malt whiskey prices have risen in recent years, but Irish whiskey prices have remained competitive. Irish barley and spring water are distilled at the West Cork Distillery, which then spends eight years in first-fill fire bourbon barrels. When it comes to whiskey, Irish whiskey has greater taste than Scotch because of this. For an 80-proof brew, the scents of dried apple and honey lead into a baking spice finish on well tongue.


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