Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Noodle The Pug Cancelled.


Noodle the pug canceled his Kickstarter campaign after being backed by a whopping 27 people. It’s an unfortunate story, but one that can teach those who take the time to read it some important and valuable lessons. Noodle the pug canceled is a story that gives a lot of reasons as to why he should have canceled the Kickstarter earlier, in other words he should have listened to his gut feeling. He was talking about his past creation, Noodle the Pug, for some time and it was really working out for him until the project got kickstarted on Kickstarter in September of 2012. It’s a sad story that would teach us not to give up so easily, even when things don’t work out as we had hoped. I’ll tell you all about it but first a bit of information is needed.

For example, while Noodle’s story was largely an isolated incident, it teaches us how hard it is to get funding for projects on Kickstarter. A lot of people might say that Noodle wasted what little money he had on this unsuccessful campaign; but if we’re honest with ourselves, we have to admit that he was simply in over his head when starting out: at the end of the day, crowdfunding campaigns are about business as much as they are about creative expression and dreaming big.

Noodle should have canceled his campaign earlier, because he let his feelings get the better of him. He was excited about the idea and wanted to do it all on his own. Another thing that got the better of Noodle was that he didn’t want to ask for help from others and instead tried to do everything by himself. Noodle should have listened to what people were telling him about taking an outside source of income because some were telling him not to try doing this on his own. The one thing Noodle didn’t think about at all when creating this Kickstarter project was the funds and money needed to complete this project.

Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Noodle The Pug Canceled :


1. Be realistic when setting goals for your project. 

Noodle should listen to people who are trying to help him with funding his project; I’m sure there were a lot of people who were telling Noodle to keep looking for funding if he didn’t find the money from his own bank account. It would make more sense in some ways if Noodle listened to these people and not take other people’s advice without doing his own research himself as well.

2. Learn to ask for help because it is better to learn from others rather than trying to do everything yourself.

By listening to the comments of people he spoke with as far as getting funding for his project and not doing everything himself, he probably would have learned a lot more about how to keep his project running smoothly. He should learn that he should take the help offered by others if the need arises. He might have learned it before, but needed too many bad things to happen to him and everyone around him before he realized what was going on and why they were there.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help.

The biggest mistake that Noodle made was he didn’t want to ask for help from others and instead wanted to do everything himself without the help of anyone else. He probably thought that if he did this, all his problems would disappear and everything would turn out fine. This is not the way you work with others in your circle, but rather than doing this, Noodle should have asked for people’s help earlier and not been afraid to speak up about it.

4. Have a plan on how you are going to use the money you receive. 

By Noodle not taking this advice, and not being prepared, he couldn’t really figure out how he was going to use the money he raised. This is another time where Noodle could have done everything by himself without asking for help from other people and things might have turned out better for him. I’m sure if Noodle had a plan on how he was going to handle all of the problems that were headed his way, then maybe things would have turned out differently.

5. Don’t give up. 

Noodle is a new example of not giving up on your dream and also looking for funding to make your dream come true. He didn’t give up and I’m sure most people wouldn’t have given up either because he is a dog that looks like he thinks his life is over. 

Just because Noodle canceled his kickstarter, doesn’t mean you should cancel yours as well; there are other ways to find funding if you don’t have the money saved in your account. Learn from Noodle’s mistakes and try to avoid them, don’t make the same mistakes he made because they could cost you a lot more than what he lost on his kickstarter campaign.


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