All You Need to Know About Referral Bonus and Referral Commission by KuCoin


KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges throughout the world. Traders must position their cash in a crypto market and get a trustworthy platform. Their analysis ends when considering a KuCoin website. Most investors show additional interest in Bitcoin due to its high quality. Therefore, we would like to inform you that KuCoin is additionally declared the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange. Each one out of four crypto trades is on a KuCoin. KuCoin provides tons of advantages within the kind of promotions to people everywhere around the globe. This text discusses all you need to know about referral bonuses and commissions by KuCoin.

KuCoin Referral Program

You can invite your friends and family to a KuCoin platform through your referral link and, in return, get pleasure from mysterious prizes. KuCoin introduced a Referral Program 2.0 in November with the most advantages. This version additionally includes a trial for one month. With this latest version, you earn stars that exchange for varied prizes. 

Rules of Referral Program 

You can invite your friend to KuCoin, and once he starts trading, you’ll get a star reward. Your invited friend additionally gets a one-month free trial. You’ll also get stars if your friend completes the task of this trial. For example, If your friend completes a KYC verification within a month of registration and adds one hundred USDT during this amount, you’ll get one hundred stars. Then you’ll use this reward in trading completely different crypto BTC, ETH, LUNC, TRX, etc. 

Exchange Stars to Prizes

There are completely different levels. Collecting forty stars on Level one will receive one USDT value and one USDT value of random coins. Conversely, an individual with 20000 stars wins a thousand USDT prize and is on a level ten. Similarly, the fifth-level person collects a thousand stars and wins fifty USDT. Similarly, all the opposite levels have completely different rewards in USDT price


Way to be part of the Referral Program

You can check in the KuCoin platform by following straightforward steps. In your profile tab, you’ll notice an invitation to friend possibility. You’ll invite anyone employing a referral link, bar code, and poster. You’ll check your range of referrals in your invitees within the My referrals tab. When earning reach an honest range of stars, transfer them into prizes. 


KuCoin perpetually spends trading fees on rewards and promotions. If you’re a user of KuCoin, you expertise several promotions perpetually revolving around their website. KuCoin referral programs play a major role in the success of KuCoin users. This is often a reason behind the success of KuCoin in an exceedingly short time. KuCoin currently stands among the highest three crypto exchanges in the world. The trillion-dollar trade revenue makes it stronger within the digital currency world. Therefore, eighteen million KuCoin users exist within the world. KuCoin additionally operates in more than two hundred countries. Every trader gets maximum benefits from the KuCoin site.


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