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You may have just bought your first anime and were amazed by how lifelike it looked in the flesh. When you buy your first action figure, it will always be memorable. If you’ve ever dreamed of living on instant noodles for the rest of your life, this is your chance. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of anime figures collecting to make wise purchases. Unless you have a last name like Amazon, money is a scarce commodity. 

Figure Types in Anime 

Figures in Scale 

The pinnacle of anime collectables, these figurines are a must-have. However, an expensive and meticulous process is required to produce scale figures. A scale figure represents a character made to a specific scale. For the most part, people use the scales 1/7 and 8/9. However, other scales, such as the 1/6 and 1/4, are increasingly popular. 

Figures of Merit 

In crane or lottery games, prize estimates are probably won as prizes, hence why they are known as prize figures. Prize figures are a steal, to put it another way. Prize figures aren’t terrible, but scale figures tend to be significantly better in terms of quality than their counterparts. 

Deformed or Non-Scaled Figures 

Any figure which does not require a particular scale is considered a non-scale figure. Non-scale/deformed figures include everything from prize figurines to Nendoroids, Figma, Figuarts, and the Pop-up Parade line. 


Animated Characters 

These figures have articulation or joints that can be moved, allowing you to pose them as desired. Nendoroids, Figmas, or the Figuarts line are all included. 

Hentai (or Cast-Off) Figures 

The character’s private parts are exposed when a character’s clothing is cast off. Therefore, Hentai figures are typically cast-off figures. 

Figures Cast in Resin 

A special resin is used to create resin figurines. Figures made of more astonishing cast, polyester resins, epoxy resin, and any other resins are included in this category. Due to the nature of wax, it is prone to breaking during shipping. Resin figures should be packaged with adequate padding when they’re purchased. There is a chance that it arrives in pieces otherwise. 

Kits for Garages 

Garage kits have been incomplete and unfinished figures that independent organisations and circles typically produce. Conventions are where they’re usually sold. The buyer must build and paint the garage kit they purchase. Garage kits are generally of poor quality, but some become sought-after collectables. 

Take part in the fun

Do you remember the action figures you had as a kid? G.I. Joes were once referred to as “America’s movable fighting man,” a group of hugely muscled figures. Barbie dolls can be posed in various cheeky positions, such as with their hands on their hips or by a handbag on their elbows. 

Toys that can undertake vigorous actions were initially called “action figures.” However, the term has evolved to mean dolls that can move. Several joints dotted around the figure’s body, allowing it to flex and bend in various directions. ‘action’ and ‘articulated’ are often used interchangeably. Anime figures include articulated ones, but these can be further divided. 

Nendos are a sly bunch

As a result of their creation by the Good Smile Corporation, Nendoroids are tiny figures with large heads or small bodies. The Japanese term Nendo, which means clay, is the inspiration for their name. In addition to being incredibly cute, these Chibi statistics can be posed in several ways. Nendoroids are a great place to start collecting figures because there are many to choose from.


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