A Lux Collection Of Rolex GMT Master II Watches


Rolex has never been outside the line when we are talking about luxury watches. They are always one of the world’s top brands, and many watch enthusiasts love their timepieces collection. They have different categories of watches with the same high-quality, but they serve various purposes and designs.

One of the most famous collections is the Submariner, Day-Date, Explorer, and the GMT Master. The Rolex GMT Master is perfectly created for professional watch enthusiasts, and they are famous for their functionality and versatile designs. Below are some of their fine collections of Rolex GMT Watches in the recent year.

Rolex GMT  Master II – 126755SARU

This luxurious-looking timepiece is one of the Rolex GMT Master ii Master’s latest models released in recent years. The watch has a fresh look but an exquisite approach for men professionals. It also serves as an excellent wristwatch for any formal occasions, including business trips and meetings.

It has a diamond pave dial with a date indicator on its 3 o’clock where you can easily track the date. It is decorated with polished rose-gold tones with diamond details, hand markers, and hour marker indexes inside the dial. Tiny sapphire crystals surround the case of this dial with a color combination of red, blue, and white.


Its case is made from 18kt  rose gold material with a round shape of 40 mm, and the dial is protected with a sapphire crystal making it scratch-proof. The watch is automatic, and it has a caliber movement of Rolex 3186 with a power reserve of 50 hours. 

This GMT Master II has water-resistant around 100 meters, making it safe for any outdoor activities and vacation. This timepiece is truly a luxury because the bracelet and its buckle are made from 18kt rose gold material. 

Rolex GMT Master II – 126719BLRO-0002

This model from GMT Master is one of the latest released models in the market in the year 2019. It has a unique and bold design with a peak functionality and style that would go perfectly for a man. This luxury-looking watch is one of the best ones in the GMT Master II series and can be partnered easily on any occasion. 

It has a meteorite-style dial with a date indicator located on its 3 o’clock to help you track the date of the month. Its dial is decorated with hour marker indexes and Breguet hand markers in 18kt white gold. The movement caliber of this automatic timepiece is Rolex 3285, with a power reserve of 70 hours.

This Rolex GMT Master II’s case and bracelet are made from white gold material that complements its meteorite design dial. The round shape of the case measures a diameter of 40 mm with a solid back, and it has a scratch-proof sapphire crystal protecting its dial. The bezel of the watch is surrounded with white gold material in blue and red colors.

The bezel is designed to be rotational for the pilot professionals, which can simultaneously record two time zones. This luxury watch can also be an outdoor accessory due to its water-resistant feature of 100 meters.

Rolex GMT Master II – 116758SA

Professional watchmakers craft this sophisticated-looking timepiece from the new GMT Master II series only for men’s use. It is made beautiful inside and out with excellent functionality and an exquisite design and color combination. This watch is the best pair for any formal or casual occasion. 

It has a plain simple black dial with a date indicator located on its 3 o’clock to help you keep track of the date. The dot-styled hour marker indexes are polished in white and gold, with its arrow-styled hour and minute markers. The dial is one of the reasons why the watch looks so attractive even from a distance.

The case is an 18kt yellow gold material with a solid back measuring a diameter size of 40 mm. The dial is well protected with a sapphire crystal making it scratch-proof, and the bracelet and buckle of this timepiece are made from 18ht yellow gold oyster. 

The watch’s bezel creates an intensity appeal because of its sapphire-designed crystals in black, gray, and white combination. The movement of it is automatic, and it has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.


The Rolex GMT Master II is a collection of luxury watches for all professionals. Their designs and style are unique and can be easily be identified by watch enthusiasts. Having one for your own is a dream come true and an excellent investment.


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