9 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Get About Buffet


Buffet Restaurants are always packed and popular. A lot of people like eating here because the food is good for you, it’s not expensive (like silverton buffet coupons), and all you have to do to get a lot of food is share the table with other people. Other than that there isn’t anything special about this restaurant. When you think about it more though there are a few interesting things about this place.

1. The Restaurant is Never Quiet

You can’t go to a buffet and expect to hear yourself think. People talking and plates of food being dropped make this restaurant an extremely loud place.

2. You Can Never Get the Waitress’s Attention

Waitresses are always running around all over the restaurant, so it’s very hard to get their attention. I’ve personally seen people standing on top of their chairs trying to get their attention after waving at them for 10 minutes. The simple fact is that you’re going to have to wait your turn in line, just like everyone else.

3. The Food is Always Cold

If you’re like me, when food is delivered, you have to grab it quickly and bring it to the table before it begins to get cold. If you stop by a buffet before noon, chances are that your food will be lukewarm. That’s just how buffets work.


4. You Get Excuse Us Many Bad Habits

There’s nothing more annoying than having your chair slide around while you’re eating because someone placed the empty tray on your chair and then decided to take a second helping at the same time and slide that chair over. Now I’m going to say excuse us 50 times until you move your chair back.

5. The Food is Always Over Cooked

No matter what you get, whether it’s a club sandwich, pasta, or some other food that doesn’t need to be cooked; the chefs will always cook it too long in the belief that the food will just get cold again while they serve everyone else. This is why you normally end up with a dry piece of overcooked meat or burnt bread.

6. You Won’t Find Any Service Here

It’s already hard enough to get your food delivered; let alone getting drinks refilled and having extra utensils brought to your table when they’re needed. The truth is that it’s almost impossible to get your problem resolved, even if you’re a regular visitor.

7. You’re Always Going to Leave with a Stomach Ache

If you go to a buffet and eat like normal people do, you will be uncomfortable and bloated for the rest of the day. That’s how buffets work and there isn’t anything special about it. You can’t enjoy the food here unless you go all out; otherwise you’ll just suffer from lack of nutrition and indigestion later on in life.

8. The Parade of Food Continues Until Everyone is Full

It’s not uncommon for people to continue piling food onto their plates until everyone at the table is full. They’ll also try to eat more than they need and end up having food leftover which means that it will be thrown away at the end of the day.

9. This is a Great Place for Smokers

At buffets, people smoke like there’s no tomorrow. There are always people walking by your table lighting up and putting their cigarettes out on the ground without taking the filter off first. If you’re a non-smoker, stay away from this place during peak hours or have your own cigarettes with you so you can light up whenever they do.


Whether you like buffets or not, there are a few things that you need to know about them. Of course you have to go at least once in your lifetime for the experience and to see what it’s all about. But after that, I would suggest going somewhere else because there’s no reason for you to keep coming here every day if you don’t have to. You should never expect much from a buffet and just try and enjoy the food while it’s hot because they won’t care if your food is cold later on in the day. If people pay money for this type of service, then I say let them suffer the consequences later on in life when their stomachs start acting up.


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