8 Ways To Keep Your MOTIVATION Growing


Why is it so important to keep your motivation high and your energy up? Well, without these two key factors you might find yourself stuck and unmotivated in an activity that once held a lot of potential for you. Motivation is the fuel that powers our day and overall drive not like unappreciated treated bad quotes. Without this source of energy, we may find ourselves slacking off too often or struggling with figuring out how to continue the task at hand. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their motivation because they are bored doing what they do but it can also happen when we’re not feeling our best due to personal or professional struggles.

8 ways to keep your motivation growing are:

1. Stay Productive And Take Breaks

Motivation needs fuel to keep the fire going. Taking breaks from a task and then resuming it later can help you keep burning the motivation, because you’re doing something productive. Of course, if you’ve lost your motivation it’s best to reassess what you’re doing so that you know when it’s time for a break and when your motivation is getting low to take a break altogether. If this means taking a little bit longer on each task, then do so!

2. Align Your Objective With Your Motivation

Your motivation should be tied to your objective. If you feel like working on a task, but you don’t have any real meaning or purpose behind it then you’re not going to be motivated to do it. If you’re working on something that has no meaning in your life, then it likely won’t matter when the time comes to check-in with your work – and that’s not motivating! To stay motivated we need input from our surroundings and self-reflection. If none of these point towards an objective that is meaningful towards achieving our overall goal in life, then motivation is hard to maintain.

3. Set Goals And Break Them Down Into Smaller Steps

Break down your goals into manageable steps. If you’re trying to lose weight, then when you look back at the time from where you started and where you finished it, your motivation is sure to be high. The more steps that we can break down a goal into, the better we’ll feel about each piece of the puzzle as we work towards completing it.


4. Set It Up Ahead Of Time

Setting up goals ahead of time is something that helps us stay motivated to complete them. Planning out how work will be done, how long the project will take, what resources are needed and so on can all help us stay motivated on the job. You can even set out a couple of tasks that you need to complete within the next week so that you’re motivated to start working on them right away.

5. View Your Day As A Series Of Experiences

The way we view our days can have a huge impact on how motivated we feel throughout each day and how productive we are when it comes to completing work. We may feel more motivated if that particular day fell on a busy holiday or some other special event in our personal lives. This can help us stay positive and more energized as we move through the day.

6. Keep Active

Keeping active helps us to stay motivated because we’re actively doing something. This will help us to feel good about ourselves and our life, which in turn can help us stay motivated and feel good.If you don’t have a giant to-do list, then keeping active can help you stay motivated throughout the day. Not only will this help with your personal health and well being but it can also help keep you energized so that you don’t feel like slowing down throughout the day.

7. Don’t Dwell On Unfinished Work

Don’t spend too much time reflecting on work that hasn’t been completed or tasks that haven’t been checked off of your to-do list. While it’s important to review some of these items, spending too much time dwelling on them isn’t exactly motivating. In fact, it may actually be detrimental to your productivity levels and overall motivation levels.

8. Plan Ahead For The Rest Of The Week

You can even plan out the rest of the week if you want to. This will help you stay motivated because it will give you a clear look at what is going to be expected of you, as well as when and for how long. Planning out your entire week can help keep you motivated to continue being productive. Planning out what you will be doing in the coming hours and days can help you stay feeling energized, so that when it’s time for you to work on a particular task, you’ll have the motivation to do so.


These are some of the most basic ways that we can keep our motivation and energy up throughout the day and each week. Through the use of these 8 tips, you should be able to find a way to improve your overall productivity levels. If you can improve your productivity and motivation, then your ability to reach major goals should improve yet again.


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