7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Fanny Pack Across Chest

Waist bag
Waist bag

The fanny pack has been a staple of the backpacker and tourist for as long as we can remember. There are, however, many problems with wearing it on your waist that aren’t apparent at first glance. It’s bulky, it’s awkward to reach in to grab your phone or cash if someone sneaks up behind you, the bag rubs against your upper leg and chafes, they bounce while running or biking causing them to fall off more often than not. Fanny pack across chest is the solution to all of these issues and more. The fanny pack across the chest is a great way to carry your essentials if you’re planning on an active day. 

It’s thin, it doesn’t bounce and it stays secure with the chest strap. The weight is distributed evenly across your chest, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. If you’re planning a long trek on foot or going biking, this is the way to go! The most common complaint we hear about the fanny pack is that they are hard to reach in and out of while standing or walking around if you need something during the day. Also, you can’t see what’s inside which is a huge safety concern. The cross body fanny pack is designed to remedy both of these issues.

We live in a particularly litigious society, so having your valuables at hand, or knowing that you can get to them quickly in the event of an accident is definitely something to consider. In this age of smartphones and cashless living, it’s just plain practical and smart to have your valuables within reach on your chest. The chest fanny pack will not only keep you from being injured in the event of an accident but it will ensure that if someone does steal from you, they will not be able to take all of your possessions at once.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Fanny Pack Across Chest :


1. Safety

For anyone who is considering carrying valuables on their chest, which includes almost everyone, it’s important to keep them safe. Fanny packs have been stolen from the waist before, so that alone is reason enough to change to a cross body fanny pack. The chest fanny pack is designed to protect your valuables by keeping them close and out of sight.

2. Comfort

The fanny pack is also much more comfortable than it’s waist counterpart. The straps are thinner and made of breathable material, so they don’t rub against your neck or shoulder. Having a fanny pack rubbing on your upper leg can cause chafing and even blisters, especially if you’re on an active trip with lots of walking or biking. A cross body bag on the chest is the most comfortable way to carry your items.

3. Less Bulk

A waist bag adds bulk to your body, making you look bigger and harder to maneuver through crowds and doorways etc… This can be a safety concern if you’re going to an area you don’t know well. The chest bag is less bulky and will make you feel much more agile.

4. Easy Access

The fanny pack that goes across your chest is easy to access from either side, so it’s universally convenient for both left and right handed people. If you go biking or running with the fanny pack on your waist, it bounces around with every movement making it hard for you to see what’s inside, let alone get in and out of quickly if you need something mid run or ride. Making sure that the chest strap for your fanny pack is secure will help avoid any issues with the bag slipping off during activity.

5. Durable

The fanny pack can take a lot of abuse, but over time the elastics and zippers can become worn down, especially if you use it every day as your main purse. The chest strap will keep the bag securely in place on your body and its thin profile makes it less noticeable to would-be thieves.

6. People Will Think You Look Classy

The fanny pack on your waist sticks out from the rest of your body and looks kind of like a life preserver that someone is trying to throw at you, it’s just not that attractive. Your vanity won’t be damaged by using a crossbody fanny pack as it’s inconspicuous and sleek looking on your chest.

7. Peace of Mind

Keeping your valuables close to your body makes you feel safe. A fanny pack around your waist is an easy mark and an obvious target for thieves, especially if you are walking around with a big camera, tablet and other electronics. With the fanny pack on your chest you’ll feel confident that no one can take it without you noticing immediately.


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