7 Marketing Tips You Need To Learn Now


You have a brilliant idea for a business, but you’re not sure how to sell it. You know that marketing is an essential part of building your company, but you’re not sure where to start. 

Fear not! We have put together this list for just such an occasion. 

From branding and logos, to websites and social media.

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A lot of people are curious about marketing, but are unsure how it affects them. They may think that marketing doesn’t apply to them because they don’t have anything to sell. 

But the reality is, everyone needs marketing in order to grow their business or make a change in their lives. The way you think about marketing will determine your success in the future. 

It’s true that not all companies need marketers, but every company needs someone who understands how to use social media and other forms of internet content in order to reach new audiences and gain traction for their business.

Here are 7 marketing tips that will help any entrepreneur succeed in the competitive tech world:

1.Make a Good Impression With Your Branding.

The first thing people see when they head your way is your logo. That is exactly the reason why most tech companies go with a minimalist design – because anything more would be distracting from what matters. 

A logo is a lasting impression that people will take away from your business. The colors, the typography and the imagery, everything should work together in a way that is memorable and representative of your brand. 

You can also make use of online tools to design a logo from scratch or to create a color palette from an image. It is not enough to have a great logo, though, you must also make sure that it is unique and stands out among millions of logos out there.

2.Branding Is About More Than Just A Logo.

Your brand is about much more than just its logo. It is about your entire identity and how people perceive you. Even the fonts that you use inside your business will influence customers and potential clients. 

The color scheme and choice of imagery should be consistent with your brand image to create a unified experience for customers.

3.Find Your Audience Demographically And Psychologically

There are plenty of tools out there that can help you find out more about your audience, but we recommend starting off with this one below: http://www.abcnews.com/gma/resources/printable.html . 

Customer surveys are also a good way to get a better sense of their demographics and psychographics. 

In marketing, demographics include age, gender, background and education level. Psychographics include goals, values, attitudes and interests. It is the intersection of these two elements that you need to focus on when constructing your brand message.

4.Conduct Customer Surveys

There are a variety of platforms available online that can help you run a survey with your customers. We recommend starting off with Survey Monkey or Surveygizmo . 

The key to a good survey is to make it as easy as possible for respondents to complete. In order for people to respond, you need to make the survey anonymous and hassle-free. Don’t forget to ask them for their geographic location!

5.Track Customer Satisfaction

You don’t want the customer to leave feeling displeased about how your business has handled their problem or question. You can look at their online reviews and forums, but there are a lot of other ways that you can gather customer feedback too. 

For example, you can conduct surveys among your clients with the help of Qualaroo . You can also ask them for their feedback by sending out a survey after each and every transaction.

6.Embrace Social Media

There are many social media platforms that you can use to promote your brand and connect with your customers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the most popular platforms out there, but it is important that you tailor your strategy for each channel as they all have different audience demographics and psychographics. 

You can also conduct customer surveys on social media by asking users for their feedback on products or services through these channels.

7.Create a YouTube Channel

Video-sharing websites such as YouTube are a great way to make your brand more relatable to the masses. You can upload videos that show various aspects of your business and how it works. 

You can also create a company blog that contains short videos or blog posts that showcase the service you offer. 

Be sure to include your logo and branding style in all of your promotional material so that you can position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Share these tips with your friends. To help them grow their businesses too!


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