6 Reasons Why You Need ISO 14001 Certification


ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management systems that have been accepted on a global scale. If all of your competitors have already attained ISO 14001 certification, you may find that obtaining it gives you a leg up. It aids businesses in enhancing their environmental performance by making better use of resources and cutting down on waste so that they may acquire a market edge and the confidence of their constituents.

EMS (environmental management system)

A company’s environmental challenges may be addressed in a more “holistic” manner using an environmental management system. ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety are only two examples of ISO standards that examine management systems; they all use a high-level structure. 

Consequently, ISO 14001 may be seamlessly incorporated into any management system that already uses the ISO standards. It doesn’t matter whether your business is for profit or if it has a few employees or a few thousand; ISO 14001 can help. A company must consider concerns including air pollution, water and sewage problems, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and efficient use of resources. ISO 14001, like the other management system standards from ISO, emphasises the need for constant tweaks and adjustments to an organisation’s approach to and handling environmental issues. Recent changes to the standard include:

  • Elevating environmental management’s status in the strategic planning processes.
  • Soliciting more input from top executives.
  • Committing to more proactive measures to enhance environmental performance.

How will it help your company or organisation?

There is a need for a deliberate approach to environmental improvement for several reasons. Reduced energy and water use, a more systematic approach to regulatory compliance, and enhanced environmental performance are some of the benefits organisations implementing ISO 14001 have seen. ISO 14001 users have noted the following benefits of the standard:

  • Incorporate environmental issues into business management to achieve strategic business aims by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Integrating suppliers into the company’s business processes to encourage improved environmental performance on their part

Respect for the law

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification verifies that you follow the most current rules and standards. Companies that don’t follow the rules may suffer devastating consequences, including fines and negative publicity, which helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Enhanced standing in the eyes of purchasers

Half of internet customers report that environmental issues influence their purchase choices, indicating a growing trend toward “going green.” Customers can see that you care about the environment and are taking steps to fix the problem by looking for an organisation with the ISO 14001 certification.

Gaining a leg up in the competition

In light of the above and as mentioned, it’s clear that it may help you stand out from the crowd or at least stay up if your rivals have already achieved this status. Your company must stay competitive as the number of ISO 14001-certified enterprises continues to rise (11,201 certifications were awarded in the UK in 2018).

Should you pursue ISO 14001 accreditation?

ISO 14001 does not mandate certified certification to gain the advantages of utilising the standard, and many of those benefits may be reaped even without accreditation. However, demonstrating to your buyers, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders that you have correctly implemented the standard via third-party certification, in which an independent certification organisation analyses your operations against the criteria of the standard, is a great approach. Some businesses may use this to demonstrate compliance with legal and contractual norms.


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