6 Major Benefits of Using Assault Air Bikes

Assault Air Bikes

You have probably heard of air bikes before. Classic air bikes have been around for decades. They are used for many purposes, from warm-ups to cooldowns. Because of their compact build and durability, they might be of greater value than treadmills and cross-trainers. So, what makes an assault air bike special? Below are just some of the many reasons why you should start using assault air bikes.

  1. Full-Body Workout

Assault air bikes provide a total-body cardio workout. On that note, no muscle during your air bike workout session is neglected. All the pedalling, pushing and pulling movements work almost all of the large muscle groups in your body. Assault bikes enable riders to keep an erect position with their core engaged and stabilised, making it an extremely effective way to activate a lot of your muscle all at once. In the long run, it leads to better cardiovascular health, strengthened lower body muscles, and more calories burned per workout session.

  1. Safer Workout Option

The best part is you can get a satisfying workout from assault air bikes without any negative effects on the joints. Unlike most gym machines, assault bikes are low impact and are safer to use, so you don’t have to worry about having hip, knee, and ankle pain.

It is a nice ‘default’ to exercise. If you are new to exercise or may be limited because of a muscle strain or a rolled ankle, assault air bikes are a great modification tool to utilise. Since it makes a safe range of movements possible, it allows you to safely exercise even if you are injured. With proper use and professional consultation, you can use the bike for rehab to keep you moving and boost blood flow to the affected area that will aid in recovery. Also, since this type of equipment is relatively safe to use, workouts sessions with an assault bike minimise your re-injury chances. 

  1. Improves Mental Stamina

Assault bikes stimulate both your body and mind. An intense workout gives you a feeling of relaxation and a mental boost of pushing through your limits. Working out using the assault air bike at a high intensity is a great way to build your mental stamina by intentionally sustaining a positive mindset through pain. Exercise is scientifically proven to stimulate feel-good hormones called endorphins, making your brain naturally combat pain and stress. 

  1. Lets You Track Your Progress

To maximise the use of your assault bike and see tangible progress in your health, you must know your power-to-rate ratio. A power-to-rate ratio shows how much wattage you can achieve based on your weight. Ultimately, this will gauge your performance. A boost in your power output and a decrease in your body weight over time shows an improvement.

  1. You Can Use It to Warm Up and Cool Down

Assault air bikes allow you to control the pace. You can make your workout session lighter or harder depending on the resistance and speed you put in, therefore making it a great tool to start or end your workout routine.

  1. A Handy and Affordable Fitness Equipment

Since assault air bikes do not take up much space and are more affordable, beneficial, and multifunctional exercise equipment than other cardio pieces, most home gym owners, gym owners, physiotherapists, and professional trainers opt for them. 

These air bikes are amazing machines for both low-impact and HIIT-style training. They are among the best training equipment out there and are easy to maintain. An assault air bike is a wonderful investment for your fitness journey that will last you many years.


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