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From runway to cover pages, women’s lingerie is a popular segment of the women’s fashion industry. There are numerous styles and designs within women’s lingerie that include both innerwear and sleepwear. Ranging from underwear to corset innerwear and babydoll sleepwear, designers have come up with some excellent designs. Women’s lingerie also has changing trends with the season, but off-late designers are paying more attention to comfort and ethics than flashy designs. Before, women’s lingerie was more about appeal and looks, which could cause women bodily harm. For example, underwired bras are some of the leading causes of women’s breast cancer. 

Today, lingerie designers are more conscientious of the materials they use, their sources, their impact on the environment, the manufacturing processes, and the comfort level of end-users. While incorporating these principles, they also come out with exquisite designs that are selling off shelves quickly. 

The Latest Trends In Women’s Lingerie This Season

Women’s lingerie is a global industry, and trends may vary with region, country and area. But as newer innovations come into the market, these designs tend to trend globally.

The Fancy Suspender

Suspenders or garter belts are an accessory women use to hold stockings in place under their dress. They work like regular suspenders but go over the panties on the waist. The latest innovation in garters is adding embellishments and other decorative accessories. These suspenders come with lacework, satin seams or ribbons to tie them in place. These suspenders look aesthetic and are ruling runways around the world.


The Art Deco Lingerie

This lingerie range borrows influences and design elements from the art deco movement and applies them to more modern lingerie designs. These pieces include several links in the design and bold lines that contrast against the skin nicely. These bold lines of material act as additional support to the lingerie while exuding aesthetic appeal.

Going Crotchless

Crotchless panties are for aesthetic appeal rather than for functional purposes. The underwear has no fabric in the centre but is embellished on the sides with lace and other embellishments. Underwear sets with bras, playsuits, robes, and gowns are also available. Several people purchase these sets as presents rather than daily wear and are popular Valentine’s day gifts.


Bodysuits mimic one-piece swimsuits but constitute different materials. Women usually wear bodysuits under their outfits as one-piece underwear. The bodysuit offers ample support for the bust and covers the crotch area, replacing other innerwear. Bodysuits can also work like a corset and give the body shape if women want to or are uncomfortable about their body shape. 

Babydolls And Sleepwear

Women’s sleepwear also falls in the lingerie category, but not all styles and designs. Sleepwear in lingerie includes babydolls, camisoles, shorts, pyjama sets, innerwear sets, etc. A babydoll looks like a sleeveless dress and usually has a satin body with lace accessories and trims. Camisoles and shorts come in pairs and have a satin body with a blend of other materials. Satin is the perfect fabric for nightwear as it is light and flowy, allowing for airflow while being gentle on the skin.


Corsets are shapewear that dates back to 3500 B.C and are still in fashion. The primary aim of the corset was to shape a woman’s body from a young age to attain a socially desirable shape. Today, corsets are less of a torture device and more of shapewear. They tuck in curves and offer women an hour-glass shaped body, but they are more comfortable than before. The corset goes under the outfit, and they come in numerous styles like lace-up, stretchable, etc. Corsets go around the bust and the waist, shaping them.


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