5 Underrated US Cities for Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

The real estate market in the United States is saturated with many real estate development opportunities. With so many options to invest in, the challenge is to identify the areas that are emerging and poised for growth. In the last year, we have seen a few cities emerge as real estate investment locations worth adding to your portfolio. Here is a list:

1. Buckeye, AZ

Buckeye is home to over 74,000 people and is located in West Valley in the center of Maricopa County. It has a rather dry climate, but that has not stopped this city from emerging as a real estate hotspot. 

A network of high-speed roads interconnects Buckeye. The main thoroughfare, SR 201, connects Buckeye to Phoenix through the West Valley Parkway and the South Mountain Freeway. This thoroughfare also connects Buckeye to cities like Mesa, Chandler, and Tempe.

In addition to its connectivity, Buckeye is home to several key corporations, such as Honeywell Aerospace and Intel. These corporations have given the city a stable industrial base that should help real estate investors thrive.


Further contributing to the city’s positive growth is its easy access to Arizona State University and several other colleges. Buckeye is also one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, with double-digit growth rates over the last year and a record high home sale price of $456,500. 

If you choose to explore homes in this town, the best options include homes for sale in Tartesso and homes for sale in Verrado. Both of these master-planned communities offer a variety of amenities and shopping options.

On top of that, the city has several parks, attractions, and green spaces that cater to the needs of residents. The city’s economy has also made strides, with a growth rate of 10 percent and a steady job market.

2. Eagle, ID

Located in the southwestern part of the state, Eagle is a small city with around 28,000 people. It has five recognized neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics. Eagle’s economy has been primarily centered on agriculture for years and continues this trend. 

Aside from agriculture, the city is also home to a small business park called Golden Corridor that provides employment and housing for workers. Wired Magazine named the area one of the “Best Wired” areas in America.

Eagle also has ample recreational facilities for those who love outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and camping. There are also several shopping malls like Talitos Plaza and the Eldorado Mall.

Besides that, Eagle has looked to the future and is building a new city center called “Downtown Eagle,” focusing on residential, commercial, and mixed-use development. The new city center will contain everything from a five-star hotel to affordable housing.

The city is also located adjacent to the campus of Idaho State University, which should allow for an easy transition should the real estate market shift towards more student rentals.

Eagle’s median home price has increased by 15% in the past year to $930,000. This rate proves that Eagle is a hot market for home buyers who want to invest in the area.

3. Frisco, TX

Frisco is located in the northern part of Dallas County and is home to over 185,000 residents. It has recently emerged as a high-growth city with an astounding growth rate of 39 percent over the last year. 

Because Frisco is one of Texas’s most affordable cities, it has attracted a lot of investors. The average home price in Frisco is $349,000, which is significantly lower than in other cities like Dallas. 

The city’s large population growth has also made it attractive to investors who wish to make money off property management and developing residential properties.

Additionally, the city has a vast network of high-speed roads and highways, making it easily accessible from other areas in Texas. It is also near George Bush Intercontinental Airport, providing easy access to international travelers.

The city also has several parks where residents can relax and spend time with their families. The real estate market in Frisco looks promising as the price per square foot is consistently rising. The falling interest rates are also favorable for new home buyers, who can now afford larger homes with lower down payments.

4. Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta is a small city located in the northwest corner of Fulton County. It has a population of around 65,000 and is home to single-family homes and apartments. 

Given the location of the city, Alpharetta’s average home price of $650,000 is excellent. The city has also undergone a lot of development in the last few years and is now home to several high-end residential developments. In addition, there are several shopping centers like Perimeter Mall and the North Point Mall. 

There are also several parks and recreation facilities in the city to add value to the property. The city also has a network of high-speed interstate highways and arterial roads that provides easy access to its major employers. 

Lastly, the city is located near several schools, such as Alpharetta High School and Aspen Grove Middle School. These schools will provide good opportunities for future home buyers.

5. Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is located in Larimer County and is home to around 165,000 residents. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the state, with an average growth rate of 10 percent over the last year. 

The average home price in Fort Collins is $600,000, which is lower compared to other cities in Colorado. The city also has many attractive recreational facilities and parks that cater to the needs of its residents. There are also plenty of entertainment options for those who love shopping sprees.

With more than a dozen high-speed interstate highways, Fort Collins has one of the best road systems in the state and is conveniently located near other parts of Colorado. Additionally, the city has recently launched its “Fort Collins Forward” plan that seeks to create a vibrant urban core. The project involves infrastructure improvements, investment in public services, housing market diversification, and economic development options. 


To sum it up, these five cities offer the country’s best options for real estate investors. They have sound economic bases, ample entertainment options, and good infrastructure. Invest today and make money off of tomorrow.


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