5 Tips and Tricks to Help You with Living Room Staging.

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The living room is one of the top three rooms that need to be properly staged if you want to make a sale. For many potential home buyers seeing the living room properly organized and decorated is a key factor for them. It is understandable, though. Families or couples spend most of their time there once they are home. You can also invite friends over and have a relaxing evening spent mostly in the living room. So, it is no surprise people do pay attention to this part of the home.

If you plan to put your home on the market, staging the living room may be the best place to start. It may seem overwhelming, but we have you covered. What follows are the 5 most important tips that will help you stay on track. Here we go.

1. Declutter the Entire Room

Start from the shelves and end with all visible surfaces. This isn’t important only for the living room, but for your entire home. When you prepare to offer your home for sale you need to make sure that the place is clean, neat, and the décor pieces are brought down to a minimum. 

You can’t possibly know the taste of every home buyer, so make sure that you go for décor pieces that are not too style-oriented, but rather pieces that bond well with anyone. You don’t need big, splashy décor. The focus needs to stay on the room as a whole, no distractions. Additionally, fewer things mean more space, which means visually bigger room.


2. Neutralize the Color Palette

The living room needs to be all neutralized. Again, you don’t want to appeal only to a certain group of people, you need to attract a wide range of potential buyers. This way your home can be off the market much quicker. The living room is a priority for many, so make sure the furniture pieces and the walls are all in neutral colors like beige, grey, or brownish. You can add color by including one furniture piece that pops color, or an accent décor piece like a more colorful wall art, an armchair or an easily noticeable bowl on the coffee table.

Another option for staging a home for a quick sale is to hire a virtual staging agency. They can virtually present the room as you see fit, so you won’t have to make all those changes physically. You can add or remove items as you please until you get the room you most firmly believe will help you make a sale.

3. Make Sure the Furniture Pieces are to Scale

This can be a big problem for many. Imagine walking into a room for the first time, in a place you plan to buy, and see furniture pieces that simply don’t fit the space. Bulky pieces in small rooms, or smaller, lightweight pieces in huge spacy rooms.

If a potential buyer sees this, they may feel as if the room is both too crowded and cramped, or too cold and kind of empty. It can be difficult to imagine oneself living there, right? And that is your main goal. Stage an inviting space that will make people fall in love and picture themselves living there in the near future.

4. Think about Conversation Areas and Traffic Flow

When staging a living room, you need to find a focal point that most of the furniture pieces are arranged around. It can be a gorgeous fireplace, some kind of entertainment unit, or a beautiful breathtaking view. Think about what your room has to offer, and lead the potential buyers there so that you can spark up a conversation. It will make the entire space feel balanced and in order. 

Besides that, when arranging all pieces and accessories you need to ensure that people can move easily and not stumble over stuff. Don’t overcrowd the space. Shot its potential in an inviting and cozy manner, not see-everything-we-own way.

5. Include Warm, Decorative Pieces

Las, but definitely not least, comes the décor. When you come to this part of the staging process, you need to keep in mind that your goal is to create a home. The room needs to feel like a place where buyers can live, not like a gallery or showroom. So, include patterns on the sofa, make the space more edgy with small accent pillows, and always, always include nature. Plants and flowers really do make a difference.


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