5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

You might be wondering what men’s pocket squares are. It is a small rectangular piece of cloth that snugly fits in the breast pocket of a man’s jacket. It provides the barest hint of fabric to increase visual appeal.

You might be thinking if you should blow your nose with it like a handkerchief. The answer is a passionate no!

But why must you have a nonfunctional piece of cloth in a nonfunctional pocket? It is all about fashion. A pocket square is a discreet way to level up your outfit from drab to fab.

How are pocket squares different from a handkerchief?

At first glance, you might be thinking that men’s pocket squares are not so different from a handkerchief. Over the years, after keeping handkerchiefs mixed up in trouser pockets with coins, people started to realise that a breast pocket might be an alternative that is more sanitary.


Soon enough, this sleek piece of silk became all the rage, and the pocket square became decorative rather than functional.


As mentioned, handkerchiefs and pocket squares have different functions. It may be confusing, especially as fashion pieces and style experts seem to utilise the terms interchangeably. Keep in mind that pocket squares are there for fashion and not for your colds.

Handkerchiefs are for blowing your nose, while a pocket square is for exhibition. The purpose of a pocket square is style to express your personality and creativity. It can provide a 1920s vibe or add additional colour to an otherwise neutral suit.


Overall, pocket squares tend to be smaller than handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs must be placed in the large pants pocket while pocket squares are placed in the tinier breast pocket. Too large squares might result in something bulky instead of the sleek and chic pocket square you want.

However, if the cold season has hit, you want a handkerchief to be as large as possible for obvious reasons.


Pocket squares come in various materials, such as linen and silk. Fabrics that are not absorbent will be something you don’t want to use for blowing your nose or mopping up spills. For these purposes, handkerchiefs are made from cotton.

How do you wear a pocket square?

When used appropriately, a pocket-handkerchief can be an excellent accent piece to a man’s outfit. It is available in various patterns and styles. It can brighten up even the most severe looking business suit while drawing attention to the face. Pocket squares have a comparable goal to ties, but it is much cooler.

The following are several tips for wearing pocket squares:

  • Mix and don’t match 

Pocket squares shouldn’t be the same colour and fabric as your tie. You must choose secondary colours in your shirt or tie and choose a pocket square that complements them. A suitable material such as silk can add a bit of shine.

  • Avoid overdoing it

Although pocket squares come in fun and exciting patterns, it is critical never to go overboard. Never match a bold printed paisley square with a pinstriped suit. Instead, wear these busy patterns with flat monochrome pieces.

Pocket squares add visual appeal to otherwise severe-looking suits and jackets. If you are stumped about wearing a pocket square, you can always opt for a white colour which is an excellent match for most jackets and tie combos. Keep everything clean and folded neatly, and you will never have a fashion fail.


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