5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Clothes For Your Baby

Baby cloth

Babies and young children generally catch quite a bit of attention when they dress up nicely in public. Because they are still young, it is not that hard to find and buy clothes that should fit them. The only thing that you would take care to consider is comfort. After all, growing shouldn’t have to endure the feeling of uncomfortable clothes.

Baby fashion trends of the year

This year, minimalist and retro styles are very on-trend. Monochrome shades with touches of colourful textures paired with headbands and other hair accessories are very popular nowadays. Susukoshi online has a great collection of onesies, gowns, pyjama sets and trendy headbands for your babies. It’s important to check if the clothes you buy are made up of durable, organic and safe materials to further ensure your baby’s welfare.

When babies get fussy or irritable, it might be physical discomfort, hunger or sleepiness. If you want to avoid infant fussiness from uncomfortable clothes, you have to be careful about the fabric used and whether your baby is comfortable in the outfit. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out clothes for your little ones to wear:

Fabric and materials used


 Baby skin is still sensitive because their bodies are still developing. Make sure to choose clothes made of organic and hypoallergenic materials to avoid redness, rashes and skin irritations. Babies aged nine months and up tend to sweat a lot from playing, running around and sweating. It’s best to choose a breathable fabric that can absorb sweat easily. 

Be wise about the size. 

It is a common misconception that the size of a baby’s clothes solely depends on your baby’s age. Unfortunately,  that is not often the case. Babies can grow at a different rate from each other. Some can be bigger or smaller than the standard size linked to their age. There are plenty of factors, including how much food they, how well, and often they sleep, down to their genetics. Choose a size that can afford your baby free movement. Another hack for parents is to size up so that your baby can still wear items as they grow older. Keeping functionality in mind is a good hack to save money without sacrificing your baby’s comfort.

  1. Coordinate the outfit with the weather 

Infants are easily irritated when they sweat from the intense heat. That’s why it’s important to choose light outfits for the summer and clothes that are thick but not too heavy for the winter. Susukoshi offers various children’s clothing that is breathable and very suitable for the Australian summer heat.


It’s a fact that babies move a lot when their diapers are due for a change.so choose clothes that are easy to put on and remove. Easy snaps and zippers located in the front are very convenient for changing time.

Seeing babies all dressed up in fancy and cute outfits is sure to be a delight for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to mind your budget and be careful about overspending. Besides clothes, you should be looking into and prioritising plenty of others when raising babies.  Sustainable, budget-friendly, but still good quality should be the way to go.


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