5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Doona


Before choosing a doona or bed quilt for you, your friends, or your family, you need to consider some important factors first. Doonas come with various casings, sizes, materials, and filling types, such as high-quality bamboo, down & feathers, cotton, synthetic and wool doona. If you want to distinguish which type of doona or bed quilt is best for you, read the factors listed below that you need to keep in mind first:


Loft refers to the fluffiness or density of your doona or quilt. A thin doona means it has a low loft, while the thick one high loft. If you like airy and fluffy doonas, it would be best to opt for one with a higher loft.


In terms of doonas and quilts, the fillings are what matters the most. That’s because a doona’s insert type can drastically change and affect how it can regulate your body temperature, leading you to be more comfortable while you sleep. You also have to research before picking a doona filling as particular fillings tend to stimulate allergies. The most common fillings include cotton, bamboo, cotton, down & feathers, wool, and synthetic. Out of all these filling types, the wool doona is one of the best products you can invest in.

3.Casing & Size

You’ll need to purchase a doona that covers your entire bed (double, single, king, or queen). Even some experts would recommend you to invest in a doona that’s one size bigger than your bed, particularly when you and your partners usually compete for the covers while in bed.


Bed quilts and doonas are encased using two major styles, known as boxed and channelled. A baffle boxed doona is sewn into smaller squares, creating a more evenly distributed filling for you. Meanwhile, a channelled doona is sewn in straight lines from top to bottom. Meaning, you’ll be able to redistribute the filling by pushing or pressing it down the channels manually based on the level of warmth you prefer.


Your choice of filling and size will determine the weight of your doona, which can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. If you choose a very light doona and tend to move around a lot at night, it could eventually end up on your floor, and you will be chilly. Other people even invest in summer weight and a winter weight doona to change depending on the seasons. Think about how light or heavy you want it to be and factor based on the filling you opt for.


Temperature is known as the major factor that disrupts sleep. Hence, it’s vital to get a doona and quilt that cools or warms appropriately. Consider how you want your quilt to perform and the climate of the place you’re living in. Do you get cold during winter evenings? Are you in the tropics?

Your body temperature differs throughout the night, and the biological thermostats vary from one person to another, and it runs colder or hotter than someone else. Moreover, people will have fluctuations of temperature based on medical issues, stage of life, and gender.

If you experience fluctuation of temperatures in your surroundings, perhaps you may want to look for doonas that can deal with varying temperatures and adapt well to your surroundings and body.


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