5 Interior Door Ideas for Small Spaces

Interior Door
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Doors say a lot about your interior home design. So, it’s pretty essential to ensure that you have the best door designs installed in your home. If your rooms are small, there are many types of doors you can install to help you maximize the space and come up with a modern and stylish look for your home. This article highlights some examples of these doors.

Barn Doors

Barn doors move on a track, and they do not swing. This way, they help you maximize the little space you have in your home. In addition, barn doors come in various sizes, shapes and are made out of different materials such as glass, wood, or metal. 

Also, you have the option to customize your own barn door to suit your specifications and blend in with the rest of your home’s décor. Barn doors bring a welcoming atmosphere to any room they are installed into. In addition, you can install a barn door bring along functionality as they can be installed in almost any room of the house. 

You can use it to separate a shared bathroom without taking up too much space. Also, you can use the barn doors for your bedroom closets which will, in turn, make the bedroom seem spacious.


Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors are modern door designs that slide into the wall when you open them. These doors eliminate the traditional swing that occupies too much space. You can use the pocket door in the bathroom to separate the toilet and the bath area. Also, you can install a pocket door for your closet to help you keep your room neat and spacious. 

Plus, remember, if you have a laundry room in the house, you can separate it from the rest of the house by the use of a pocket door. You will only slide the door into the wall when you need to use the laundry room. This also allows you to stock up the laundry room without worrying about space. Pocket doors are made out of various materials, including glass, wood, and metal. Go ahead and choose the design that best suits you! 

Sliding Doors

These doors are one of the best types of space-saving interior doors. When organizing the general layout of your home, you should not be limited by the amount of space in the room. Install sliding doors to help you save space which you can use to place other decorative items in your home. 

Sliding doors can be made out of wood or glass. Glass sliding doors bring a sense of luxury to any room that you install them. You can also use sliding doors to separate the bathroom and the bedroom. This will eliminate the swing, thus bringing about more space in the room. Also, you can use the sliding doors in your shower to save space. It also brings a modern look to any room.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are excellent space savers that have evolved in terms of design over the years. These doors come in various styles and designs that will fit in perfectly with your already decorated home. The accordion door may be made of glass on the upper part and wood on the lower part. 

The glass will reflect natural light and distribute it evenly across any room. You can use an accordion door to separate the bathroom and the bedroom as well as different other rooms in your home. Without the swing, accordion doors allow you to maximize the little available space in any room. The various types of accordion doors include glass, French accordion doors, and wood.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors bring a sleek, stylish look to your humble abode and are great space savers. You can use Bifold doors to separate the laundry room from the rest of the house. These kinds of doors also come in various designs and shapes, which bring a more sophisticated look to your abode. Also, you can choose through various colors and designs to help you install a Bifold door that matches the rest of the décor in your house. 

All of the above are some excellent space-saving door designs for your home’s interior space. Consider choosing a door that best suits your tastes and preferences. You can have a professional install it for you or use this as an opportunity to have a DIY experience.


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