5 Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying Beddings


The bed is one of the most widely used pieces of furniture in the house. It provides much-needed comfort after a long, tiring day. It also helps you replenish all your lost energy by giving you a good rest anytime you need it. It is necessary to invest in quality homewares like a bed to enhance the furniture’s level of comfort since the bed is an essential item for every household. Pillowcases, flat sheets, and duvet covers are some of the important items to buy for your bed. 

But before you invest your money in bed linens that feel great and last a long time, here are several things that you must consider when shopping for the best bedroom homewares in the market. 

Tip #1: Check Out the Fiber Content 

Beddings made with 100% pure cotton is always the best choice as they are soft and very affordable. But if you are looking for more posh and luxurious items for your bed, you must shop for Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton. This type of cotton fabric is even more durable and softer compared to the regular ones. While ELS cotton, like Pima and Egyptian cotton, are more expensive, its quality will last for a long time.  


If you want more affordable bed sheets and duvets, you may invest in linens. Also, it would be better if you find a product that is sustainably grown to help save the environment. This option can also keep you warm and cosy during the winter and cool & light during summer. 

Tip #2: Avoid Relying on Thread Counts

Some brands manufacture beddings with high thread counts without increasing the product’s quality. Studies show that while advertisements claim that 300 to 500 thread counts are the standard for strength and softness, you may still find high-quality bed sheets with 200 thread count. These products are enough to provide you with comfortable sleep all the time. 

Tip #3: Measure the Bed Properly 

When shopping for bedroom homewares, especially for your bed, you must ensure that you get the right size so you can maximise its features. 

Standard bed sizes, like king or queen, do not measure the depth of the mattress. If your mattress is thicker or has a mattress topper, you need to measure it properly before buying bed covers. You also need to add several inches for allowance since most of these products shrink after laundering. 

Tip #4: Understand the Difference Between Weaves 

The most common weave options that you can get when buying bed sheets are sateen or percale. Sateen is usually featured in linen sheets because of its satin-like weave and silky texture. Percale, on the other hand, appeals to those who want lighter and crisper sheets. 

Among these options, the sateen weave is more popular for most homemakers nowadays because of its smoother and more luxurious feel. 

Tip #5: Check the Shop’s Return Policy

You may fall in love with the beddings based on their design and texture. But once you put it in your bed, you will notice that it is not as comfortable as you thought it would be. 

To avoid the need to endure the discomfort caused by poor-quality bed sheets and duvets, you must look into the shop’s return policy. It will let you return the item for valid reasons. 

Investing in beddings and other bedroom fixtures are necessary to ensure you the best sleep. So always carefully look into the product before making the final purchase to have the most relaxing sleep at home, all the time. 


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