5 Cheap Ways to Brighten Your Room

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Getting a new place is exciting, but it is also challenging and costs a lot of money. Spending a large sum of money on an expense can affect your other expenditures. You have to spend your money carefully, especially when moving to a new place. 

Save some money for repairs and bills for your new place because you never know what repair jobs you may have to get. If you are looking for cheaper options for decorating your room, here are a few ideas you must consider

LED Lights

New bulbs and large lamps may cost more money than you should spend on decorations. You can buy LED light strips or fairy lights for your room to add light. LED lights that change colors are a popular choice among the new generation. 

You can line the corners of your room with LED lights, and it will brighten your space better than a lamp or a new bulb. Buy an LED light strip that has a variety of color options. You can use the LED strip lights as night lights or party lights.


Wall Mirrors

Your wall decorations can make an immense impact on the spaciousness of your room. If you want your room to look brighter and more spacious, you must not put too many decorative paintings or pictures on your room’s walls. 

If you want to decorate your walls, you can put large mirrors near the light sources. You can hang multiple mirrors on a wall. Search for decorative wall mirrors in Australia and buy mirrors that suit the rest of your room’s decor. Pick mirrors with elegant frames and hang them on the walls instead of paintings.

DIY projects

One of the cheapest ways of decorating a room is to reuse your old decor. You can polish, paint or create something new from scratch to decorate your room. Use your talent and creativity to make a DIY decoration for your chamber. 

You can use cheap materials and look for ideas online to make something for your room. DIY decoration projects are a creative hobby, and you gain something from them too. Many interior decorations share their tips and tricks with their followers on social accounts. You can follow their guidelines to make a cheap yet extravagant decoration for your room.

Color Scheme

Study the color schemes and their effects. Many books educate neophytes about color scheme theory. You can buy books such as Color Scheme: An Irreverent History of Art and Pop Culture in Color Palettes to improve your knowledge.

Use a light color scheme for your room to make it appear spacious and brighter. Colors that reflect light can illuminate your room adequately. 

Add a Rug

Sometimes a room can look enclosed and smaller because of the color of its floor. If your room’s floor is dark, you can brighten your place with a light-colored rug or minimalistic carpet. 

You can also add decorative cushions or bedding to the floor to make it comfortable. If you want a full-room carpet, have the help of a professional to install it. 

All these options will brighten your room, and you can buy them one by one to save money. 


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