4 Things You Need To Know About Buyer’s Agents Before Reaching Them

Buyer Agent

Sydney is known as one of Australia’s largest cities, contributing a lot to its economy and general development. Consisting of almost 700 suburbs, Sydney is a good place to find your new home. Its famous tourist spots such as the Sydney Opera House and other natural parks truly showcase the fusion of history and the modern era.

What are buyer’s agents?

Buyer’s agents are people from companies that offer their customers unbiased and honest financial property advice. With the growing infrastructure and population, there is a growing demand for buyer’s agents in Sydney that will need to fill. Buyer’s agents help first-time real estate viewers to see what specific properties suit best their needs and budget. They can save you time, provide you with options and fill you in on what relevant legal information you might need to know.

With much confusion and discussion online about the true relevance of buyer’s agents, this article will help you understand how convenient it is to have a buyer’s agent represent you on your real-estate deals. A good buyer’s agent knows the real estate industry’s ins and outs like the back of his hand. 

  1. Agents are just a waste of time.

Getting a buyer agent is like asking a friend for their opinion. The only difference is that agents can provide you with options and solutions to go with your opinions. They save you the time of manually doing oculars and site inspections by doing the footwork for you. They can tell which real estate property is a better fit for your budget or advise you on whether you will need a loan to finance the mortgage. They can also be your representative at property meetings and discussions.

  1. They have high commissions.

The standard commission of a buyer agent can range from 1.5% to 3.5% of the property’s price. Their commission value should be just enough, considering that they will be taking care of all pre-sale negotiations on your behalf.

  1. Deals are not secured.

Buyer’s agents make deals, transactions, and negotiations based on what is mandated to the law. Therefore, all paperwork and legal issues must undergo due process. Understandably, this might make you wary, which is why you should research to find the best buyer’s agent in Sydney. Trust your gut and carefully evaluate the company or person you will be putting your trust into. It is helpful to check reviews and testimonies for advice on which companies are worth considering.

  1. The deals would cost more.

A buyer’s agent’s biggest role is to ensure that they provide good and fair deals. It is not a sure thing to be saving more money in the end as negotiations can’t always be certain. It is also possible that a seller’s agent might reject your offer if the purchase agreement is signed. Still, hiring a buyer’s agent is your best bet to get the quality you deserve based on your budget.

Doing things alone can be a tough job for many, especially for those who have tight schedules. That’s why hiring agents to take care of the job for you can be very helpful and essential when dabbling in real estate,  because you can be assured of getting quality without too much worry.


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