4 Small Cat Breeds That Will Win Your Heart Over

Cat Breeds

Few things are cuter than watching a teeny, tiny kitten roll around on the floor while trying to catch its own tail that has, judging by the look on the animal’s face, done something very, very wrong. That’s filming material right there, isn’t it? Well, frankly, every single moment spent with a kitten is filming material, which is probably one of the reasons why we love them so much. Perhaps that love is better explained on this page.

As cute and adorable as kittens are, the truth is that they’ll grow up rather quickly. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with grown up cats, since they too have their own quirky personalities and they too can be rather fun and loving. Yet, you must have wondered at least once if there was a way to keep your kitten small forever, since it is just so charming.

Well, whether you want to believe it or not, there actually is a way to do that. Of course, it consists of you buying the right cat breed, i.e. the breed that won’t grow up as much as the others and that will, thus, remain a kitten forever. I know that your eyes are sparkling from joy right now and I’m sure that you have a big smile on your face, but I suggest you do one thing before you start searching for your “forever kitten”.

In simple words, you should get acquainted with those particular small breeds and learn a bit more about their general personality. So, if you keep on reading, you’ll meet some small cat breeds that will definitely win your heart over. Once you are done reading, you can feel free to start searching for the perfect kitten for you.


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We cannot possibly talk about small felines without mentioning the one that’s known as the smallest breed in the whole wide world. Singapura weighs around 4 pounds, which makes it at least twice smaller than the average cat. Yet, even though this is a tiny breed, it actually has a huge personality that will undoubtedly warm your heart. Its personality actually makes it perfect for families with kids, but single people will undoubtedly also enjoy the company of a Singapura.

This cat is definitely extremely curious and it loves being around people, which means that it will probably follow you around everywhere you go. You didn’t think that you could take a shower without this little creature watching over you and guarding you from whatever it is that might be hidden in your bathroom, did you? The Singapura doesn’t like being left alone, which is precisely why it will get along well with the whole family, as well as with any other pets that you might have.

American Curl

While it’s true that this specific breed can come in various sizes, fact is that the American Curl will most likely remain tiny throughout its life. It’s famous for its ears that actually curl backwards, meaning that they might require a bit more ear cleaning than some other felines. Apart from that, these animals are pretty low maintenance and they will practically be able to take care of themselves, as long as you teach them to use the litter box and to ask for food.

The American Curl is the perfect choice for most people who want an affectionate cat with a loving personality and a playful nature. Basically, this feline will remain a kitten throughout its whole life and not only when it comes to appearance, but also when it comes to behavior. It will never be too tired or too grumpy to play and it will always be ready for belly rubs and pats.


This is most probably one of the most famous small felines in the world, which got its name after the magical folk in the Wizard of Oz. Their short and tiny legs will melt your heart whenever you take a look at them and there’s no doubt that you will fall in love with their tiny bodies. When you take a look at any cat breeds guide and find the Munchkin, you will realize right away why it is so loved by everyone. Hint, hint – it has to do with both their looks and their personalities.

If you love having a kitten around the house that will be so full of energy that tiring it out will seem almost impossible, then you will certainly love the Munchkin. They cannot jump very high due to their short legs, but they are rather quick on their feet, which means that you’ll always have someone to chase around your home if you feel like it. The tiny legs coupled with a quirky personality will make this breed perfect for everyone who cannot resist the adorable characters of small kittens.


In case you know what a Siamese cat looks like, chances are that you won’t call it small per se. This is because their bodies can actually get quite long. Despite that, though, this particular breed is extremely lightweight and it is actually rather small. It’s just that it can appear bigger due to the fact that it has a long body. In any case, the Siamese will be a great addition to every home and its blue eyes will definitely make everyone fall in love with it.


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