3 Tips to Easily Pick Bridesmaid-Approved Dresses


Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding. However, no matter how much planning you do, inevitable dilemmas might arise. Countless things could go wrong in weddings, so planning every single detail while making room for adjustments along the way is essential to make this once-in-a-lifetime milestone for every couple extra special.  

Having a theme and building everything around this theme is key to a beautiful wedding. As a bride, your priority in the clothing category is your perfect wedding dress, followed by everyone else’s attire. 

However, picking your wedding dress is not the same as choosing beautiful bridesmaid dresses for your girls. If you are not sure of how to pick bridesmaids-approved dresses, keep reading. 

Opt for dresses that flatter their figure

As a bride in her perfect wedding dress, you would like your bridesmaids to also look beautiful in their dresses. And because different people have different body types, you might want to ditch the traditional bridesmaids’ uniform and go with mismatched dresses to better fit everyone best.


To pull off mismatched dresses, you might want to pick a specific colour or range of colours that complement your wedding’s theme and allow your girls to choose their dress style. By considering your girls’ figure, you can have a happier crew that would enjoy the rest of your wedding day rather than have them spend the entire day itching to get off their dresses. 

Pick a comfortable yet elegant-looking fabric.

Apart from opting for a dress that flatters your bridesmaids, picking a comfortable yet elegant-looking fabric is essential to let your bridesmaids feel beautiful in their dresses. When looking for the perfect fabric for your girls’ dresses, you might want to consider these three prominent choices below.

  • Silk. This filament fibre is naturally produced by the silkworm in its cocoon. This type of fabric is generally collected from cultivated caterpillars in Asia and is a great material that spells luxury and comfort.
  • Satin. This woven fabric is commonly confused for silk as they both look smooth and glossy. However, unlike silk that is equally soft and smooth, satin is lustrous on one side and matte on the other. 
  • Lace. This netlike fabric is meticulously made by twisting, looping, and knitting premium quality thread in beautiful patterns either by hand or machine. The material used in lace dresses can either be made from natural or synthetic fibres. 

Consider your wedding venue.

On top of opting for dresses that flatter your girls and choosing a comfortable yet elegant-looking fabric for your lovely ladies to wear, it is important to consider your wedding venue in choosing the appropriate dresses for your girls. 

For instance, if you are planning to have your beautiful wedding outdoors, such as in the garden or by the beach, you might want to allow your bridesmaids to have dresses that have an appropriate length that would allow flexibility. Moreover, if you have your wedding on a sunny day, you might want to eliminate options with heavy sleeves. And, of course, the opposite goes for weddings in a more fabulous season.

While planning a wedding might be stressful, there is joy in picking bridesmaid dresses for your crew. By opting for dresses that flatter your bridesmaids’ figure, picking a comfortable yet elegant-looking fabric, and considering your wedding venue, you can easily pick bridesmaids-approved dresses. 


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