11 Tips for Meeting Potential Dating Partners (Dating Advice)


Dating advice can be a little tricky these days. With so many apps and sites out there, it’s hard to be certain you’re meeting the right person. But don’t worry! This blog post will have you meeting potential dating partners in no time with the help of these 11 tips suggested by Ilventofailsuogiro for meeting potential dating partners that I’ve come up with. Read on!

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1) Do Not Be Shy


It’s only human nature to be cautious about getting into a new romantic relationship. But if you want your first date to go well, make sure that you are not being too shy or reluctant about it beforehand. You have to want it. You have to show it. And you have to be willing to do something about it. It’ll be okay, I promise!



2) Be Positive About Yourself


You’re not going to meet anyone worthwhile if you spend your time worrying about how they’ll view your flaws or insecurities. Try not to dwell on your insecurities or past mistakes during your potential first date. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of who you are and they won’t see all of the things that make you insecure in the first place.


3) Find Out About Their Hobbies And Interests


It’s not enough for someone to be tall, dark, handsome or beautiful or fit anymore. We all know that those kinds of people already have a partner. So you have to find something else about them that is unique. Ask them about their interests and hobbies, and if they happen to mention a shared interest with you, take note of it! You can talk about it later if your date goes well.


4) Be Honest And Open


It’s so easy to lie on a first date. But it’s also so stupid! It’s amazing how even innocent little white lies can come back to bite you in the butt later on down the road. So save yourself some stress and just be honest. It’s the best policy.


5) Watch What You Eat


This is a huge tip! If you don’t watch what you eat before getting on a date, you’ll have a hard time keeping your metabolic rate up during the date. Try ordering your favorite buffalo wings and a plain old burger before going on a first date, and then order a salad with chicken afterwards. It can save you a lot of trouble.


6) Don’t Overdo It On The Alcohol


A few drinks with dinner is okay, but don’t get too drunk or too high on your potential first date. You want to be able to remember details about the date so that you can think about it later and reflect on it without getting embarrassed. If you get too intoxicated, you won’t be able to do that. Plus, a drunk person isn’t a fun person for anyone else to be around, and your potential partner might find someone more interesting when they’re sober.


7) Dress Nicely And With Class


No one wants to meet a messy, overweight mess of a potential dating partner. Don’t be that person. Dressing nicely and with class means having your hair properly styled, smelling nice, and looking clean. Plus, you’ll get more dates out of it!


8) Do Not Leave Before Being Invited To Stay


If you feel so compelled to leave early on a date, it might not have been a good one after all. Missionary kissing during the first date is not something most people want to do with someone they simply met at a bar. If you’re not enjoying yourself, it’s best to just be honest about it and tell your potential date. They’ll appreciate you for it.


9) Do Not Lie


This is another big one! Are you someone who always lies? If so, don’t lie on your first date. And if it goes well, you might find yourself regretting all of your lies later on down the road when things get more serious with another person. (Even married people lie sometimes. Just wait for it.)


10) Make Sure You Aren’t Going To A Bad Place


Another huge mistake is to go to a bad place on a first date. If you are going to meet your potential partner at a bar, make sure that it’s somewhere nice. No one wants to meet their potential date at the local dive bar, unless that is what they are into, of course. Just remember that if you go somewhere that has classy decorum and isn’t overrun with rude people, you’ll have a much better time on your first date.


11) Don’t Talk About Other People


This is another big one that can really frustrate people! Do not talk about other people in a negative way until you know that they don’t share the same opinion. If you do, it can lead to many awkward conversations later down the road. And nobody wants to be stuck talking to someone for hours when they could be doing so much better with their time.


Good luck out there, people! Just remember these tips for meeting potential dating partners, and you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Dating is hard work, but it’s also fun! Just remember that your potential partner is worth it in the end. 


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