10 Ways to Build Your Müller-Lyer Illusion Empire


Your eyes deceive you. Literally! This is one of the most famous optical illusions in the world. The Muller-Lyer illusion only affects humans, but it’s really quite interesting to look at and see how your brain completes this image. Have you tried to create a Muller-Lyer Illusion empire? You should! The müller-lyer illusion exists in cultures in which there are ________.

In this post, we will show you just 10 ways that you can do it yourself with a little guidance from us here at Müller-Lyer Empire dot com!

We hope that these 10 tips are enough to get your mind spinning with an idea of what kind of things you could accomplish by creating your own illusion empire.

1. Print out a Muller-Lyer Illusion image, cut it out, and place it on a clothes pin.

You could have your students print out an image of a Müller-Lyer illusion, then glue it onto something they can wear around their neck. It would also be nice if they could do this in teams so that every student had their own pins!


2. Build a Muller-Lyer Illusion slide with Legos!

If you want to build your own “lego” version of the classic Müller-Lyer illusion, make sure you have Legos made from red and cyan bricks (or whatever you want!). Once you build your slide, make sure that it’s short enough to fit in with the size of a wooden board.

3. Make your own big-screen Müller-Lyer Illusion.

Take a large piece of paper and tape it to one side of your room, or to a large window if you’re feeling lazy. You can draw the illusion there, or print it out from our site here . Then, place yourself in front of it and see if you can magic some illusions out!

4. Create your own frosted glass Muller-Lyer illusion!

Get a piece of frosted glass (like this one !), draw your illusion on there (you can use our image here !), add some color, and BOOM! You have yourself a nice little display that very few people will understand.

5. Turn your class into a Muller-Lyer illusion!

Want your students to be a part of a Müller-Lyer illusion? Well, why not turn them into one? Have them stand in front of a wall or screen, then have them hold their arms out as if they are about to hug someone. We’ve seen it done with cutouts. We’ve even seen it done with Legos, but we haven’t seen someone create a full-fledged double-slide out of their students before… until now! (Warning: this will be messy).

6. Print out an image and make your own DIY pointer !

What better way to get your students or friends to focus on the illusion than if they can actually hold it in the palm of their own hands? Print out any image and then create your own Muller-Lyer wood pointer with a dowel and some duct tape! Get some construction paper and make yourself a pointer of your very own! With this pointer, you’ll be able to use the Müller-Lyer illusion to guide you through the rest of these tips!

7. Use your pointer on a small slide projector .

Be sure to take advantage of any large slide projectors you might have in your classroom. You want to put the illusion image on one of the slides, turn off all the lights and put your own assortment of images on the other slide. Have students take a guess at what they think you might see.

8. Create your own “double slide” illusion box  from two separate boxes!

All you need is some glue, some cardboard and some paint . Or if you’re feeling lazy, just draw it directly onto your cardboard. Then, for an added bonus, have students follow along with the instructions to create a double slide using their own box! (This could be done inside or outside).  

9. Turn your room into the world’s largest slide project!

Once you’ve got your large cardboard slide, place it at the end of a large hallway that stretches from one end of the class to the other. Students will be able to walk up to it and see their own Müller-Lyer illusion, just like they’re at a carnival or something!

10. Make yourself a giant “double slide” illusion box !

You can just download our template and print it out, but you could also just draw your own! Make sure you have enough room so that you can fit the box in front of your slide projector. Once again, all you need is some cardboard and some paint. Some of the boxes that are at the end of the hallway from tip #9 will probably be big enough for you to do this one by yourself.


We hope you enjoyed our tips for building your own Muller-Lyer illusion empire, but don’t stop there! This is just the beginning! We have tons of great ideas to help you create an entire classroom full of illusions! For example:

If you make all of your students wear Müller-Lyer Illusion pins, when they walk up to the slide, they will be able to see their own individual illusion, giving them a clue as to what is going on.


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