10 Warning Signs Of Your TRAVELING Demise


If you’ve been traveling for more than a few weeks and things haven’t gone how you expected, it’s time to be wary. In fact, it’s time to stop traveling until you finally get your act together. Traveling can ultimately result in serious problems or even death, so let’s take a look at the warning signs that could indicate your upcoming demise on the road. Can silk touch mine spawners? The sooner you notice any of these warning signs, the easier it will be for you to do something about your situation before it’s too late.

1. You have no idea where you’re going 

If you’ve been traveling to see the world and can’t think of anywhere you’d end up, it’s time to stop. It’s possible that you’ve lost your way in your quest for discovery and adventure. You should be able to tell if your quest is futile by looking at a map, so don’t let your wanderlust deceive you.

2. You’re on a huge backpacker trail

If you’ve started to see the same faces over and over again, it’s time to get off the beaten path. There are only so many routes through Thailand, India and South America before you start seeing the same people in the same places. If you’re taking these well worn routes, it’s time for some new tracks.

3. You can’t speak any of the local languages

If you’re going traveling overseas and can’t speak any of the native languages then it’s time to stop. There’s no point in traveling if you can’t communicate, so take the time to at least learn a few useful words and phrases.


4. You’ve run out of money

If you’ve arrived in a new country and have already spent all of your available cash, then it’s time to get off the streets. It’s possible that your travels have already taken their toll on your finances. If you’re going to continue traveling, you’ll need to save or earn more fast.

5. You’ve been cheated or stolen from

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if you’ve been taken advantage of by false friendship or deceitful locals. If you’ve been ripped off by someone you trust, it’s time to leave. You don’t want this person to try taking advantage of you in the future or the people who might trust you. Also watch for pickpockets who are targeting tourists.

6. You feel sick or injured

If you’ve just come down with a bad case of Delhi belly or something more serious, then it’s time to stop. Your health is too important to violate with improper treatment from a local back alley clinic or sketchy first aid kit from the local market. Don’t take chances with your life – go find a hospital and get yourself looked at by qualified medical staff immediately!

7. You’ve become a permanent resident of the hostel

If you’re a frequent visitor to the local hostel, then you’re probably not on the right track. Hostels are a great way to enjoy the local culture and make new friends, but if you’ve been coming night after night for weeks or even months, it’s time to stop. When your “adventure” is over, it’ll be time to move on and find your own place in another country.

8. You can’t get a job

If you’ve been looking for work without any luck, it’s time to get serious about finding a real job. Otherwise, you’ll spend your entire life on the road and your traveling days will soon be over. This can happen if you settle in one place for long periods of time or become a bum. Just getting a decent paying job would be a great boost to your travels.

9. You hate the way you look

If you’ve been living on the road for too long and are starting to see the results of poor nutrition and backpacking wear and tear, it’s time to get yourself cleaned up. You don’t have to become a slob, just get at least one decent haircut from a reputable barber shop and start keeping up with your personal hygiene habits.

10. You’ve lost all interest in life

If you can’t remember the last time you went out to do something fun or enjoyed yourself, then it’s time to stop. Life is too short to spend it doing nothing but eating, sleeping and wandering around aimlessly. If you’re becoming a hermit and have neglected your friends, family and loved ones back home, then it’s time to start making time for them again.


If you’re looking to visit your new country and get yourself active, then start making some plans now. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure in this case, so don’t let the ‘cure’ become the ‘disease’.

If any of these warning signs apply to you, then you need to either get back on track or call it quits completely. It’s better for your health, finances and future if you decide that traveling just isn’t for you after all.


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