10 Warning Signs Of Your LAW Demise


As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And because you are reading this blog post on my website at www.urbanmartialartsnetwork.com, I assure you that the law is not broken. If it was broken, something would be screwed up pretty badly and a lot of people would be screaming about how to fix it. Of course, this means nothing because the law is not broken…yet. And before you think I am going off the deep end, let me explain.

If the law is not broken, how can I be warning you about what is coming? Simple; I am watching what is happening across the country or law abiding biker store and am trying to point out trends that should be taken seriously. And since today is Thursday, my list of things is pretty short today. But as you will see in a moment, it won’t stay short for long.

10 Warning Signs That The LAW Demise Is Coming

1. Permission to shoot citizens

Lawmakers are quickly granting police departments permission to shoot citizens after they are stopped by officers. The latest example is North Carolina’s recently passed “Stand Your Ground” bill that gives immunity to police officers who shoot citizens (who are stopped for suspicion of committing a crime) even if the officers are later found to have acted in unreasonable or illegal ways. American citizens are not granted immunity in many other situations, like if they shoot and kill an intruder, or if they accidentally shoot themselves while moving their gun away from someone else. Apparently gun owners need to be shot first before they can sue the cops that shot them. 

2. Police officers are now allowed to shoot people who are struggling with them, even if they are unarmed

In Ohio, a police officer was recently cleared of wrongdoing after he shot a man who had his hands up. Now, police officers can legally shoot anyone who is struggling with them, even if they are unarmed. The same thing is happening in Florida where lawmakers are approving bills that will allow police officers to shoot mentally-ill people who may be suffering from a “disorder.”


3. Police officers can now shoot unarmed people who they believe will “injure” them

In Oklahoma, an officer was cleared of wrongdoing after he shot and killed a man who had his hands in the air and was begging for mercy. The officer claimed that he believed that the man would hurt him. Most people in the United States would be thrown in jail for making such a false claim. But police officers are now free to shoot anyone for any reason whatsoever… even if they are unarmed (which is illegal).

4. Danger of getting killed by law rather than a criminal.

Americans now have a greater chance of being shot by law enforcement than they do of getting attacked by a terrorist. In 2013, at least 461 Americans were killed by police officers. Meanwhile, an average of 24 people were killed annually in terrorist attacks on US soil from 2001-2013.

5. Police officers are now arming themselves with weapons that they have no business possessing

In Georgia, police officers will soon be equipped with surplus military equipment. The new program uses millions of dollars in military equipment that was originally intended for use overseas to arm domestic police departments for their use in “crowd control.” The Pentagon has been giving away all sorts of military hardware to local police departments including night vision goggles, high-powered rifles, armored vehicles, sound cannons and more. Other states are doing the same thing although not nearly to the same extent as Georgia.

6. Police officers are becoming the “new mob”

The US has the highest number of police officers per capita in the world. In other words, we now have millions of “functionally illiterate” people with guns in our society who are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. They are part of a government-sanctioned system that has almost no oversight and has been increasingly militarized over the past several decades. While this is not new, it is getting worse due to recent budget cuts to law enforcement agencies that have led to more aggressive policing and more use-of-force incidents with citizens.

7. Police officers are killing people who are not resisting

In California, a police officer was charged with murder after he shot and killed an unarmed woman as she stood in her own front doorway. The officer claimed that he feared for his life after the woman’s dog “appeared” to be snarling at him. As the video showed, however, the dog did not even move when the officer shot and killed its owner.

8. Police officers who kill unarmed people are protected by their departments

As I mentioned above, police officers now want blanket immunity whenever they commit crimes including murder. In other words, even if a police officer is caught on film committing murder, he or she will never go to jail for it. This is because their departments are protecting them and the officers will be given “privacy” to use deadly force against anyone they see as a criminal. This is also why many of these people go on to die (otherwise known as “suicide by cop”) as you will see later on this list.

9. Police officers are now being trained to shoot first, ask questions later

In Florida, police officers are being trained to shoot first and ask questions later. The new training program, called “Hollywood training,” teaches officers that the old saying of “an officer dying for your sins” is no longer true and that they should not risk their own lives trying to save someone else’s life if they can avoid it. The program also teaches police officers that they are not responsible for the actions they take while on duty. It is their job to enforce the law and protect themselves.

10. Police officers are now going to “shoot until people die” – no matter what

In Nevada, a police officer was recently cleared of wrongdoing after he killed two men as they exited their truck during a high-speed chase. The officer was charged with several crimes after he opened fire on the men (15 shots in total) mostly because he had shot at them through their windshield instead of shooting at them after they had exited the vehicle as instructed by him..


If you have not figured it out yet, the police in America are well on their way to becoming the new “militia” for the government. They are already being used as a weapon against us by our own government, and this is likely going to get far worse as more cuts are made to government spending. The looting and rioting that we recently witnessed during the protests in Baltimore will likely be used against other US cities later on this year or next year. Police officers are now killing more people than ever before and they are being given a free pass to do so by both state and federal governments. I personally believe that what we are witnessing right now is only a small part of what is coming later this year.


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