10 Social Media Marketing-Related Projects to Stretch Your Creativity


It sounds cliché, but content is king. And what better way to create quality content than to create it yourself? Join some of your favorite social media personalities for marketing internships gainesville fl in this list of 10 social media-related projects that span creativity and practicality.

1. A concept album:

The idea: Create a concept album where every track is a different social media platform.

Who it’s for: Social media marketing. Enthusiasts who have time and a creative mind to weave together rhyming lyrics and catchy tunes as they share their daily lives through social media.

Where to get it: You can get the full album on Soundcloud . It’s available for download from Spotify .


2. A walking billboard:

The idea: Have an artist walk the streets of the city with a vibrant projection screen that displays your brand’s message.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers. Eager artists who want to put their message out there without the hassle of building, transporting and setting up a large screen.

Where to get it: You can get one at Bespoke Highway , although you’ll have to negotiate a bit.

3. A mobile outdoor digital billboard:

The idea: Deploy your brand’s message on the back of an existing vehicle, such as an advertising van or even a ‘tag’ on a car that’s been parked in an otherwise public space, such as George Town Corp car park.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers who want a big impact on busy city streets without the high costs associated with building and maintaining one themselves. Where to get it: You can have one custom-made at Future Outdoor Advertising .

4. A living mural:

The idea: Have a mural painted where your brand is literally built into the walls of the surrounding building.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers who want to literally take over an area, without having to actually be there in force. Also, those who love art and want a unique kind of wall decoration without breaking their budget or taking up too much space.

Where to get it: You can commission an artist on Behance , although you might need to negotiate with other brands vying for the same artist’s talent. They’ll also probably want some freebies from your brand.

5. A pop-up photo gallery:

The idea: Create an Instagram gallery solely for your brand. Photographers and social media account users can key in the hashtags of their photos and hit ‘like’.

Who it’s for: Instagram marketers. The same people who are enamored with the idea of using cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to make their business work go a step further by creating a brand new Instagram gallery extension.

Where to get it: You can check out the full, demo version on Bamboufly .

6. An augmented reality car wash:

The idea: Use GPS mapping technology to give your target audience an interactive window when they drive past your vehicle display. The map shows where people are driving, as well as where they’re pointing their smartphones.

Who it’s for: Those who want to reach out to consumers while they’re on the move. Also, advertisers who might want to get an idea on how effective their clever marketing techniques are in real life situations versus online.

Where to get it: It’s not available yet, so you’ll have to create your own augmented reality car wash by following these instructions.

7. A writing competition:

The idea: Set up a competition where social media users can submit their best essay-style social media articles for a chance at winning some gold bullion. The top three winners will also be published in a book.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers who want to reach out to other bloggers, as well as social media enthusiasts who want a chance at fame.

Where to get it: It’s not ready yet, so you’ll have to create your own writing competition by following these instructions .

8. A mobile museum:

The idea: Deploy a mobile museum alongside an existing art installation, such as the Art Truck, and sell tickets through the social media outlets. Who it’s for: Social media marketers who love unique and interactive content that can be shared widely on their social media platforms.

Where to get it: The full project was done by local artist/designer/illustrator, Victor Lim. 

9. A social media portrait:

The idea: Have a professional artist draw a portrait of your brand, with help from your customers and clients through their social media posts.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers who want to capture their audience’s attention in a unique way, as well as the artists themselves who get to showcase their craft.

Where to get it: The full project was done by local artist and illustrator, Karl Goh. 

10. A social media photo booth:

The idea: Use a traditional photo booth where consumers can share photos on your brand’s platforms with the hashtag of your choice. This can be used alongside an event such as an open house or even launches and product demonstrations.

Who it’s for: Social media marketers who want to reach out beyond their target audience, as well as eager social media customers who want to share their experience of using a product with the rest of the world.

Where to get it: You can create your own social media photo booth by following these instructions .


It’s clear that local businesses need to take advantage of the Internet to market their products and services effectively.

However, it’s also clear that social media is not just a fad or a passing trend, but here to stay for the foreseeable future.

It has become the primary platform for reaching out to consumers and getting them excited about your brand.

At the same time, there are more and more people who want flexible work arrangements, as well as those who want to use technology to create something new and innovative.

If you’re a social media marketer with some extra cash on hand, consider supporting your favorite brands in ways they can’t even imagine yet.


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