10 Smart Tricks That Will Turn Any Kitchen Into a Stylish One


Design projects, renovation tips, and tips from expensive designers – you won’t find all that in our article. Here, we’ve gathered some simple tips and tricks that will help you turn your kitchen into a more stylish one with almost no investment. So, you will make a kitchen cozier and save money for going out or football betting at 20Bet

Color Coordinate Your Kitchen

Laconicity, enclosed in a few leading colors, visually turns even a small mess into an orderly system. But a riot of colors is much harder to turn into something stylish, especially in a small room.

Turn Food Into a Design Element

You want to add stylish little things in the kitchen, too, but do you have to? Statuettes, paintings, clocks, and more are not functional and take up space. On the open surfaces it is more reasonable to place beautiful dishes, loose products in aesthetic containers, fruits and vegetables.

Don’t Put Unnecessary Items on the Countertop and Open Shelves

The more stuff you put on them, the messier your kitchen will look. So think carefully: what should really be on the table at all times, and what is used occasionally and may well “live” in the closet. And constantly review the list of these things – after all, the family may have stopped eating toast in the morning and the gadget to create it is ready to move.


Sign the Boxes

On large shelves, plastic boxes help organize groceries and kitchen utensils. To keep pasta from being stuffed into the spice drawer in a hurry, sign the organizers! This will also serve as an incentive for the kids and spouse to put everything in its proper place.

Separate High Shelves

In kitchen sets, when it’s not a custom project, there are always tall shelves that can’t be used efficiently. You run the risk of ending up with a mess of piled up cakes and gadgets, because there’s just too much space left on top! So immediately buy dividers for these drawers and put everything in its place.

Throw out the Packages

Colorful packages don’t add order to your cabinets. So get rid of them right away! And if you can, buy bulk food by weight or in large quantities – it reduces your personal ecological footprint.

Use the Same Jars

If you adore spices, transfer them into identical containers right away. These can be jars bought in the crockery department, or even leftover from baby food. The important thing is that you don’t have an assortment of all colors, shapes and sizes – outwardly, it looks like clutter and chaos.

The same is true for bulk products, such as cereal, pasta, flour, starch, sugar, etc.

Store Only Used Dishes in the Dryer

You don’t want to put everything in this cupboard – only what you use all the time. Firstly, visually it will look neat because it’s minimalist. Secondly, it will help not to accumulate unwashed dishes in the sink and dishwasher because there is not an infinite number of plates and glasses available for free access to the household.

Choose Containers and Dishes Wisely

Firstly, identical containers look more aesthetically pleasing than different boxes of plastic and glass that can’t be kept in order. Secondly, such containers, properly, can be put into each other – which means there will be more order and space in the drawer.

The same goes for utensils. You’ve probably noticed yourself that pots from the same company and series easily “fit” into each other. And plates are stable when stored “in a pile” if they’re at least the same shape.

Lay out Towels in “Dangerous Places”

Consider as dangerous places those that are most “prone” to form pockets of clutter in them. For example, if there is an empty space in the drawer between the cutlery organizer and the walls, some fork may “roll up” there. Or you can deliberately start to put some little things in this area, which will soon become the cause of complete clutter in the drawer. A towel, on the other hand, will block access to the dangerous area. And it’s there when you need it.


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