10 Reasons Why Mental health Isn’t the Right Choice for You


Mental health disorders have been around since time in memorial, but people are just starting to realize that they’re not always bad like jstyle health. Mental health is like the cousin you grew up with that was always bitching about how much everyone hated them and telling you their problems. You still remember the good times when they would come over when they were down and tell you stories of how cool Tom was or how funny Steve made them laugh. They’re family after all. Everyone has a mental health issue in their life, it’s just one of those things we need to be careful with because instead of being happy for these people, we laugh at them and try to fix their problems for them without realizing what’s really happening.

10 reasons why mental health isn’t the right choice are:

1. They pretend that things are worse than they really are.

One of the most important things about having a mental health issue is to be able to know when it’s getting out of control and recognize that it’s going to get worse. You’ve got to look beyond the surface and make sure you aren’t dealing with some major factor that’s causing you serious problems or is going to take you down a path that could potentially ruin your life. People who have these kinds of issues can feel so low sometimes, they think they’re worthless waste of space and act like their life sucks because it does. They refuse to reach out for help and treat the people in their lives like crap because they’re depressed and don’t want to deal with the fact that they have a problem.

2. They don’t see the cause of the problem.

People who have mental health issues need to understand the root of the issue. They’re never going to get any better if they don’t realize that it’s not something that’s caused by something in a recent event in their life, but instead has been there for a very long time. If you’re having problems with someone close to you, it could be because of something from a past relationship or from your childhood and could be affecting you more than you realize. People who have these issues need to take a deep breath and figure out what caused them so much damage before they can start changing things in their life for the better.

3. They blame other people.

Everyone has regrets, but those people who have these issues find it very easy to blame other people for the problems in their life. They’ll look at one thing that happened and instead of taking responsibility they’ll blame everyone else in the world except them. This can lead to a lot of drama if you’re not careful, because they’ll often try to drag other people into it by making accusations or putting them down because they don’t think things will get better with them around. They might even get so angry that they’ll lash out at those closest to them by making accusations without ever giving a reason why, so it’s best that you don’t take things too seriously.


4. They lack self-esteem.

It’s one thing to have mental health issues and still have a feeling of self-worth, but it’s another thing entirely when you start to become too caught up in them. People with these issues tend to be very insecure about their problems and make themselves think that the faults in their life are more important than how much things might make them happy. They can get so depressed that they begin to think that others think everything about them is bad and try to put on a mask just so they can get through the day. If you’re having problems with someone you care about, you need to find out what the root of the problem is before trying to change them or act like you know how they feel when in reality you don’t.

5. They’re always out of it.

Mental health disorders are problems that need to be addressed at the moment, otherwise it’s going to lead to you becoming out of control like a drug addict or an alcoholic. You’ve got to realize when you’re not in the right state of mind and pull yourself together before you reach a point where it’s hard for you to comprehend what is actually going on and how bad things are getting. If something is stressing you out and making you feel bad about your life, don’t just ignore it. This will cause you more problems in the long run because if you were able to deal with it at that time, then why can’t you now?

6. They can be very intense people.

People who have these issues can get so into their problems that they start to become part of them. They think about them all day long and forget what is going on around them, which causes people to avoid being around them as much as possible. They’re usually easier targets for people to take advantage of because they’re in a very vulnerable state and you’d be surprised how many people can see that when it’s happening. If your friend or family member is having a hard time dealing with something, don’t try and fix it for them. They need someone who will sit down and listen without trying to make things better by giving advice or trying to find the root cause at that present moment.

7. They tend to be overly emotional.

People who have mental health issues always feel things very deeply and can become very emotional. They’ll cry over things because they’re not happy with them and think that everyone is looking at them. It’s hard for these people to deal with this kind of emotion if it’s not something important, because if something doesn’t bother them it won’t make them feel anything. They can get so upset that they think other people do things to upset them when really they did it to themselves on purpose.

8. They don’t take the time to think things through.

If you have a mental health disorder, you’re not always thinking clearly. You have a lot of issues going on that could be related to other things happening in your life and because your brain is moving so fast, it’s hard for you to get an accurate understanding of what’s going on around you. People who are mentally healthy can look at a situation and take everything into account before they try and decide how they should react. They can quickly decide whether or not something is worth getting worked up over or if there’s something that could be done about it.

9. They have a hard time processing things.

Mental health conditions are always going to come from the way your brain is working. If you had mental health problems, it’s likely that your mind was damaged in some way or that something happened to you in the past that caused you to develop these issues. No matter what has happened to you in your life, it is never just one thing and until something happens again, you won’t develop new problems from it. Mental health issues are not going away on their own and they won’t go away if you simply ignore them because they’re really more of a problem if you don’t treat them than if you do.

10. They have a hard time trusting people.

If you have these feelings inside of you, it’s likely that you don’t trust anyone because you’re afraid something is going to happen to those you care about. If the people in your life make you feel like this, then they’re not worth having around and should be left alone until they learn how to treat others with respect and dignity. You might feel bad for feeling this way, but that’s just one problem that comes with being too sensitive about things and it will only cause more problems for those who care about you if you try and push them away instead of trying to work through it together.


If you have mental health issues, it’s important to find a therapist that you connect with. You need to find someone that can help you through your problems and give you the best advice for dealing with these emotions and feelings.

It’s important that you don’t keep everything to yourself because if others are aware of what’s going on in your life, then they’ll be more willing to help out. It doesn’t matter who you tell about your problems because chances are that those around you have dealt with problems similar to yours at one point or another. Listen to what everyone has to say and see if they can help solve how you’re feeling inside so things don’t get any worse than they are now.


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